Retail POS System

Adopt a true omnichannel retail POS

Ensure flexible support for your omnichannel strategy with Openbravo's retail POS software solution. And drastically simplify the technological infrastructure of your stores.

Deliver superb customer experiences

Your customers expect memorable shopping experiences today. Embrace a comprehensive mobile retail POS solution to provide excellent service anywhere in the store.
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Cirque de Soleil has always been focused on offering exceptional experiences to our visitors. So we wanted to also offer a stand-out customer experience in our stores and shows. Openbravo’s innovative solution has allowed us to do that.


Pierre-Luc Bisaillon, CIO, Cirque du Soleil

Openbravo POS main sales window in a desktop device

Take advantage of a full point of sale functionality

A complete, flexible and easy-to-use retail POS software for retail in the cloud.
  • Easily manage a variety of transactions such as sales, offers, reservations, and returns
  • Ensure higher quality of customer information, with data entry validations at the point of sale
  • Control actions such as manual discounts or the acceptance of differences in cash openings through approvals
  • Support omnichannel scenarios such as Click & Collect or cross returns between stores and channels

Ensure more personalized attention with a mobile POS

Integrated clienteling functions allow improved service anywhere in the store with the use of mobile point of sale terminals.
  • Access customer information such as personal data, order history or statistics such as purchase frequency and average ticket
  • Report on complementary products and services or applicable promotions to increase the possibilities of up-selling and cross-selling
  • Offer real-time visibility of the stock available in all stores from the POS
Mobile In-Store Clienteling
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Software TPV para retail: solución móvil
Punto de venta retail: terminal autopago (self-checkout)

Get a fast, convenient and secure checkout

When shopping in stores, customers expect to avoid long lines and have more convenient payment options. They also expect security, an aspect that has become more important today in the checkout experience.
  • Adopt a retail POS software that supports a variety of payment methods, including mobile payments
  • Ensure fast item entry, with the use of barcodes, RFID tags, or flexible product search at the point of sale
  • Reduce queuing times with a mobile POS
  • Reduce the time spent by your employees at checkout with an easy-to-use self-checkout solution for your customers
Punto de venta retail: terminal autopago (self-checkout)
Associates in a coffee shop with a quick service POS

The perfect choice for retail chains having a quick service restaurant component

Retailers running both retail and restaurant sales operations will find Openbravo the perfect choice, since it provides a single point of sale solution ready to work in retail and quick service restaurant environments.


This dramatically simplifies the overal IT infrastructure and provides a centralized and single source of truth for all the retail and restaurant retail sales activity across channels and touchpoints.

Save IT costs with next-generation retail POS technology

Openbravo offers a modern and flexible retail point of sale technology, so it is ready to support your current and future needs.
  • Totally web-based point of sale solution that avoids the need for installation in terminals and the use of servers in the store
  • Modern user interface that adapts automatically to different devices with responsive design controlled by CSS
  • Offline resilient to ensure uninterrupted sales in case of poor or lost connectivity
  • Possibility to extend and adapt the standard functionality available to specific requirements
  • Hosted in the cloud, with Openbravo Cloud
Software TPV para retail: ventana principal de ventas
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