Beauty and personal care

Offer more exclusive and differentiated experiences

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Ensure a consistent unified commerce strategy

Openbravo offers beauty and personal care retailers a cloud-based SaaS platform for unified commerce to meet the needs of the most demanding environments. It comprises POS software, which is designed to support different unified commerce scenarios, as well as components for order management, warehouse and inventory management, and merchandising management. All this on a truly modular technology platform that is very easy to integrate with.

CRM & Clienteling

Get detailed, complete and accurate information on your clients

Order Management

Manage scenarios such as Click and Collect by integrating your eCommerce and physical stores

Retail POS System

Web-based and mobile-optimized POS software ready to support your unified commerce strategy

Merchandising retail

Manage your products, prices and promotions centrally

Warehouse and Inventory

Increase inventory visibility and accuracy in real time


Analyze the performance of your operations on each channel

Greater knowledge of your customers through all channels

Ensure you have complete and up-to-date customer information, such as personal data or purchase history, and access the information from the point of sale and other points of contact to enable you to personalize the customer experience. Manage global loyalty programs that will motivate your customers to come back.
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Efficient management of your eCommerce sales

Sell and deliver merchandise intelligently across all digital and in-store touchpoints, with unified commerce services like Click and Collect or home delivery. Its flexible brew rules engine enables you to meet your customers’ preferences and profitability goals. A perfectly integrated system with your stores and warehouses that facilitates the connection with your preferred eCommerce solutions.
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Improved physical shopping experience

Empower your staff to look up customer or product information from a mobile POS to reduce queue times,  and ensure faster, more convenient and low-touch checkout options with the use of self-checkout terminals and mobile payments. Equip your stores to offer services such as home delivery or online order picking for your Click and Collect service.


The solution allows you to manage all your stores and terminals from a single point, thus avoiding the need for local servers.

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More agile management of products, prices and promotions

Increase your efficiency and agility with a powerful pricing and promotions engine, with flexible application rules combining multiple criteria for each of your channels.


Take advantage of an architecture that enables you to launch new products and offerings more quickly. Its centralized management allows updates and changes to be synchronized across all your stores and points of sale almost immediately.

Single, real-time view of inventory

Get real-time inventory visibility across all locations, for different category products described by an unlimited number of features.


Efficiently manage inventory transactions, such as receipts, movements, shipments or picking, from mobile devices.  Its comprehensive functionality helps optimize the tasks of your employees and ensure inventory accuracy, which is a prerequisite for unified commerce success.

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Unified commerce operations under control

Openbravo offers beauty and personal care retailers a comprehensive and customizable reporting solution that uses an extensible data model with standard domains in areas such as sales, discounts, payments and taxes.


It comes with a complete list of reports to access detailed information from the point of sale or the back office.

Greater IT agility in the cloud

Adopt a high-performance dedicated cloud infrastructure. Supported by cloud experts to secure your operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Take advantage of an open, standards-based retail API and modular architecture, giving you greater agility and the ability to innovate. Today and in the future.

Ready to accelerate your unified commerce strategy ?