Retail merchandising

Manage your products with greater flexibility

Increase your agility to meet the growing demands of your omnichannel customers, who today expect a wider variety of products and options, and more frequent launches.

Reduce launch times

Centrally manage products, services, prices and promotions with a flexible engine that allows any change to be transferred to all stores and terminals in practically real time.
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We improved efficiency in all operations and increased our agility in key processes such as launching new products, rates or promotions — which can now be defined and made available in all of our stores in a matter of hours.


Lorenzo Sánchez, Product Manager

Product card in Openbravo backoffice

Manage the catalog of each channel

Centrally manage your product and price information, thus ensuring data consistency across all channels.
  • Set up simple products, variants or bills of materials
  • Take advantage of an unlimited number of features, such as color or size, and attributes such as serial numbers, lot, and expiration date
  • Offer optional or mandatory services such as guarantees, arrangements or transportation with flexible price rules and which can be offered independently or associated with products
  • Create an unlimited number of price lists, in different currencies, with or without tax
  • Record and maintain all information in Openbravo or import it from your ERP or PIM system through a standard API

Increase your promotional flexibility

Get more flexibility and better target your customers with a powerful engine that will support your most complex discount and promotion rates.
  • Take advantage of a long list of discount rates applicable automatically or manually at the point of sale
  • Define automatic application rules based on the combination of multiple criteria and priorities
Discounts and promotions setup in Openbravo backoffice

Optimize your purchasing costs

Ensure more profitable omnichannel sales and operations by optimizing your purchasing and inventory costs over time.
  • Optimize your purchases and merchandise movements with detailed, real-time visibility of all your inventory
  • Manage purchase orders and replenishment requests for your stores and warehouses

Simplify integration with accounting

Ensure strict controls over every aspect of accounting and easier integration with your financial system, with flexible configuration of your products.
  • Create and assign accounts from your chart of accounts to your product settings
  • Support tax needs of each country with a flexible tax engine
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