Specialized retail

Make your customers feel special

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Accelerate your unified commerce strategy and exceed your customers’ expectations

Gain real-time inventory visibility, streamline your order management, and get to know your customers better to deliver more differentiated and personalized experiences across any channel.
Retail POS System
Fully web and mobile solution ready to support your unified commerce strategy
Order Management
Enable different unified commerce scenarios such as Click & Collect in an optimized way
CRM & Clienteling
Get detailed, complete and quality information from your clients
Manage your products, prices and promotions centrally
Warehouse and Inventory
Increase inventory visibility and accuracy in real time
Analyze the performance of your operations on each channel

Transform your stores and offer unique experiences

Prepare your stores to become true unified commerce hubs capable of offering the type of services and experiences that customers demand.


Allow store managers and employees to personalize each contact, as well as offer the widest possible assortment with infinite aisle capabilities such as the ability to sell products from other stores.


Offer a fast, comfortable and secure checkout experience, with options such as the use of a mobile point of sale or self-checkout terminals.

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Integrate your stores and online channel with optimized order management

Sell and deliver merchandise intelligently from all digital and in-store touch points, and offer unified commerce services such as Click & Collect or cross returns between stores and the online channel. Take advantage of a powerful engine with configurable rules for optimized order picking to meet your customer preferences and profitability goals.
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Get to know your customers better for a more personalized experience

Ensure the availability of complete and accurate customer information, such as personal data or purchase history, accessible from any point of contact, so allowing you to define more effective strategies focused on your customers, as well as offer more personalized experiences.
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Increase your promotional flexibility and ensure faster and more frequent launches

Increase your promotional efficiency and agility with a powerful promotion engine that can support the most complex types of discounts, manual or automatic, with flexible application rules that can be based on a combination of different criteria.


Take advantage of an architecture that allows you to launch new lines and styles more quickly, with centralized data management ensuring that changes get replicated to all your stores almost immediately.

Gain unique, real-time inventory visibility

Improve the control of your inventory and achieve real-time visibility of the stock across all stores and warehouses as well as the merchandise flows between them.


Efficiently manage all types of inventory transactions such as receipts, movements, shipments or picking by accessing the comprehensive task management capabilities from mobile devices. This will enable you to optimize the work of your employees and ensure inventory accuracy, which is a key requirement for unified commerce success.

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Keep your unified commerce operations under control

Benefit from a reporting solution with a flexible and highly extensible data model with standard domains in areas such as sales, discounts, payments, taxes.


Quickly access detailed information from the point of sale or the back office through a complete list of reports that will allow you to maintain control of all the unified commerce operations of your specialty retail business.

Get more agility and innovation capacity in the cloud

The combination of a high-performance dedicated cloud infrastructure, an open standards-based API and a modular architecture gives you greater agility and improves your ability to innovate, while ensuring your operations are supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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