Clienteling & CRM

Focus on the client

Access detailed and accurate information on your buyers from any contact point. This helps you define more effective client-focused strategies and offer a truly personalized shopping experience.

Offer better experiences

Take advantage of integrated CRM and Clienteling capabilities built into the POS to better understand and assist your customers. As a result, you employees will be able to deliver the kind of experience that consumers expect.
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Cirque de Soleil has always been focused on offering exceptional experiences to our visitors so we wanted to also offer a stand-out customer experience in our stores and shows, and Openbravo’s innovative solution has allowed us to do that.

Pierre-Luc Bisaillon, CIO, Cirque du Soleil

Customer card for clienteling

Access comprehensive and quality customer data

Retailers and brands today face much more demanding and less loyal omnichannel customers. To successfully engage with them requires you to have information accessible from any point of sale.
  • Manage preferences and personal data, such as addresses, email, phone and delivery options
  • Access detailed, real-time information on activity across all channels
  • Ensure quality data with standard validations at the point of sale. More advanced needs such as address normalization are also possible through integration with external systems.

Increase customer loyalty

Customers are much more demanding and informed today, which forces retailers to offer more options and benefits that motivate them to continue buying.
  • Classify and segment your customers into different categories
  • Take advantage of a flexible promotion engine, supporting a variety of discount types, manual and automatic
  • Define new products, prices and promotions that can reach all your stores almost immediately
  • Manage loyalty programs for your customers, with multiple levels and different rules for obtaining and using points
Clienteling desde dispositivos móviles

Provide more personalized in-store assistance

With physical stores today turned into true omnichannel service centers, customers are demanding more personal and specialized experiences.
  • Manage customers at the point of sale, with access to detailed personal and activity information
  • Recommend products, services and promotions
  • Offer real-time visibility of stock held in the store, in other stores or in warehouses
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