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Be more agile and faster

Increase the resilience of your retail business by innovating and adapting faster

The Openbravo retail technology platform provides a flexible technical framework designed for simpler and faster integration and extensibility, so helping you run your Openbravo system on your own terms and more efficiently. In addition, it offers greater agility to respond to current and future business and technology challenges, while optimizing the overall costs of your technology infrastructure.


Web and mobile platform that can work offline so allowing your points of sale to work uninterrupted in case of poor connectivity


An architecture that allows you to tailor your solution to specific requirements, while ensuring seamless future upgrades


Take advantage of a flexible, open source stack that offers retailers a very stable and secure platform to build on


Easily expand or reduce your system according to the evolution of your needs, in relation to the number of stores, new processes or the opening of new markets


Protect previous investments and integrate faster and easier with new channels, solutions and technologies, with a standard commerce API and existing connectors


Enjoy high availability options, backups and 24/7 support, offering guaranteed levels of availability and uptime
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Accelerate change and innovation

Openbravo's metadata-based architecture enables a coding-free development approach to configure and extend all faces of the data model. Modularity also allows you to adapt faster while simplifying upgrades, thereby fostering innovation and differentiation, reducing risks and overall time to deployment.

Integrate easier and faster

Take advantage of a list of standard technologies such as CSV and SOAP and REST web services to simplify integration with other systems. Openbravo provides a complete set of services exposed through a standard JSON API, with management capabilities such as products, customers, prices, and orders.


Also take advantage of standard connectors available with solutions such as SAP and Magento or payment platforms such as Adyen or Alipay.

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Openbravo Retail API
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Accelerate your move to the cloud with Openbravo Cloud

On Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, Openbravo Cloud offers retailers a dedicated and pre-configured infrastructure in the cloud, which is provisioned, operated and maintained by Openbravo. Retail cloud technology that offers the highest levels of flexibility, performance and customizability.


Benefit from high availability options, flexible backup policies, and expert support that ensure your omnichannel operations run 24/7, every day of the year.

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