Omnichannel order management

Connect your store and online channel

Find true omnichannel OMS

Retailers nowadays face more complex shopping scenarios. This forces them to ensure that their OMS is more efficient and flexible, and capable of supporting a single inventory view.


Openbravo OMS is a flexible and adaptable retail omnichannel order management solution. Integrated with stores and warehouses, it allows optimized order execution, using a set of adaptable rules for every need.

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Stores ready for Click & Collect

Make it easy for your stores to develop their role as picking centers and to support scenarios like Click & Collect.

Real-time inventory visibility

Prepare your orders with access to inventory data in real time in all your stores and warehouses.

Optimized preparation process

Benefit from the preparation rules that allow you to satisfy clients' needs and profitability objectives.

Order distribution management in stores and warehouses

Use your store and warehouse network during preparation, allowing you to accept or reject assigned orders.

Adaptable business logic solution

Create new rules or expand existing ones to ensure a perfect adaptation to your business needs.

Fully web and open cloud architecture

Easily integrate with other systems and take advantage of the benefits of the cloud with Openbravo Cloud.
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Configuración de reglas de preparación para la gestión de pedidos retail

Optimize preparation process

Omnichannel success is based more than ever on profitable order preparation. Openbravo OMS includes a set of flexible and adaptable rules that ensure optimized order management for retailers.
  • Detection of the best preparation points, both in stores and warehouses, by using extendable rules with additional modules
  • Capability of stores and warehouses to accept or reject an assigned order
  • Detailed data of the preparation process, such as lines to prepare, stock input and output or rules applied

Provide omnichannel services from your stores

With physical stores turned into omnichannel hubs, Openbravo enables stores to prepare to support new services that offer greater convenience and increase sales.
  • Capacity to support scenarios such as Click & Collect or Curbside Pickup
  • Preparation and shipping to other stores
  • Cross returns, between stores or with the online channel
Operaciones retail en tienda: preparación de pedidos en POS para Click & Collect
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End to end order management adapted to your needs

Expand or create new rules, or integrate easily with other systems with a standard API and connectors that reduce integration efforts. A flexible and cloud retail order management system, adaptable to your present and future needs.
Sales order in Openbravo backoffice
Video demonstration
Click & Collect scenario with Openbravo OMS and Openbravo POS
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