Mobile POS

Assist the customer from anywhere

Offer personalized assistance anywhere in the store with a modern and flexible mobile POS solution.

Work online or offline

Openbravo Mobile POS offers a solution capable of working both online and offline. Access the terminal, create customers, process sales or close the cash register even offline. The data will be seamlessly synchronized with the central server when it becomes available again.

Get more agility for your physical stores

Openbravo’s mobile POS system dramatically reduces the initial investment required for new store openings, and it allows you to quickly expand the number of terminals to handle more customers at peak times.


It is also an ideal solution for temporary stores or pop-up stores, which only require terminals for a short period of time.

Support scenarios in and out of store

Move staff off the counter with a mobile POS solution that enables more personalized customer service. Not only inside but also outside the store, in settings like curbside pickup.


Offer information and recommendations on products, prices, stock or promotions. Reduce wait times during checkout and achieve a sale that would have otherwise been lost.

POS móvil para retail

100% point of sale functionality

Allow your employees to work as from a traditional terminal, with access to all point of sale functionality.


While other solutions offer limited mobile POS features, Openbravo offers access to 100% POS capabilities.

Mobile POS but also web

The Openbravo mobile POS is web-based so does not need installing in terminals. This dramatically simplifies your maintenance costs and facilitates the expansion of terminals as needed.


In addition, its user interface adapts automatically to the size of the device, offering total freedom of choice of devices.

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