Quick Service POS System

The quick service POS that keeps customers and employees loyal

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A POS designed for speed, customer service and operational efficiency

Seamlessly manage operations across multiple locations in real-time


Allow for greater menu diversity with rapid and flexible menu creation

Increase profit margins and revenues with flexible menu pricing

Increase customer loyalty with fast, personalized and convenient order taking

Boost employee satisfaction with a very to use and learn POS

Increase hardware cost savings and IT agility in the cloud

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Adopt a reliable and easy to deploy quick service POS for multi-location restaurants

With its robust features and architecture, Openbravo is especially well suited to multi-location Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) and Fast Casual Restaurants.
  • Manage all restaurants from one single point and reduce the time it takes to open new locations with an effortlessly scalable POS in the cloud.
  • Create different restaurant areas for order taking and delivery.
  • Improve cash control and management with system guided opening and closing processes.
  • Leverage embedded reports and dashboards accesible from the restaurant back office and each point of sale terminal.
  • Avoid the need for local restaurant servers and service interruptions thanks to a cloud-based and offline resistant point of sale technology.

Streamline your menus and offer more diversity to customers

Openbravo integrates flexible menu and pricing functionality that helps quick service restaurants more easily create and maintain the variety of menus their customers demand.
  • Easily and quickly create new menus by grouping products from different categories.
  • Create product modifiers with or without an extra cost, configure whether they appear on the printed bill and assign them easily to products.
  • Charge customers with different prices and taxes for your different sales areas (bar, terrace) and delivery options (local, takeaway).
  • Manage limited-time offers, including happy hour menus.
  • Push menu updates to all locations in near real-time.
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Enhance the customer experience in your restaurants

Openbravo provides a quick service POS system that helps enhance your restaurant experience thus resulting in increased footfall from new clients and more repeat customers.
  • Allow customers to modify products and the possibility to choose included and excluded ingredients.
  • Provide allergens information on the selected products.
  • Accept a variety of payment methods and options such as the possibility to print the bill or send it by email.
  • Send the items to be prepared to kitchen printers and kitchen systems as soon as the guest orders.
  • Manage coupons, restaurant pagers and other delivery control methods (by restaurant and product) to pick up the products once they are ready.
  • Award customers with built-in loyalty features or by integrating with your existing loyalty platforms.

Reduce waiting time and increase revenues with line busting

For quick-serve and fast-casual restaurants, your customers expect to be served quickly and they will avoid long wait lines. The key to improving the customer experience and boosting retention is to make it easier for employees to serve customers quickly using line-busting technologies such as mobile devices or self-service terminals. To achieve this Openbravo offers a mobile-enabled POS solution that allows associates to take orders from mobile devices.
Openbravo quick service POS from mobile terminals for line busting

Gain payment freedom and flexibility

With Openbravo quick service restaurants gain the freedom to select the payment processors of their choice and the possibility to offer greater payment convenience to customers.
  • Use your preferred payment processor by leveraging existing connectors and our open and extendible payment API.
  • Accept a variety of payment types, from EMV chipped cards, to mobile payments, coupons, cheques, tickets and more.
  • Allow different payment methods to be combined and split payments (divide in equal parts, select products or amount).
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Enable a variety of touchpoints with a very easy to learn and use POS that your staff will love

For associates, Openbravo offers a very intuitive and easy to use quick service restaurant point of sale that helps speed up order taking and train your new staff faster. Build strong employee loyalty with a rich, adaptative and highly productive user interface technology that lets them focus more on service and  supports a variety of restaurant touchpoints.

Flexible keymap configuration

Intuitive workflows

Manager approvals

Desktop terminals

Mobile terminals

Self-service terminals

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Modular, cloud-based and very easy to integrate quick service POS system

Benefit from a cloud-based and fully modular technology that lets you expand as you grow, by selecting at any time the modules you require. Avoid the need for local restaurant servers, gain freedom to select the POS terminals of your choice and easily connect the wide variety of today’s quick service restaurants systems and technologies through standard connectors and our open and extendible web-services API.

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