Warehouse management system

Boost productivity of your stock and warehouse staff

Cloud and mobile warehouse management system

Openbravo WMS is a cloud and mobile-enabled warehouse management system designed to meet the challenges of today’s highly demanding and fast-changing commerce marketplace.It combines the benefits of cloud with enterprise-grade WMS capabilities, to provide flexible, automated support for processing all goods movements and managing stocks in your warehouses. From one single point, and in real-time.

Reduce warehouse costs

Improve data capture and task execution quality to reduce the number of errors, internal stock movements and the walking time inside the warehouse.

Boost workforce productivity

System-guide tasks from mobile devices to allow associates to execute as efficently as possible all their tasks, from receiving and storing items to picking and shipping them.

Maximize storage space utilization

Leverage directed putaway to clearly indicate to associates the best locations for putaway items, instead of letting them put items in the most convenient location.

Gain real-time stock visibility

Achieve global inventory visibility across warehouses in real time as items enter, move through and exit the warehouse and benefit from different inventory procedures to maintain stock accuracy.

Improve customer service

Streamline order fulfillment, provide accurate stock information and reduce stockouts, while improving your customer return processes to provide excellent customer service.

Enhance flexibility and time-to-value

Accelerate implementations and innovate faster with a highly flexible and modular WMS system and unlimited cloud scalability to empower growth and adapt to changing demand.

We were looking for a solution to support the transformation of our warehouse operations and implement the VNA model in order to optimize warehouse space and reduce significantly the time spent moving goods in the warehouse. We are very satisfied with Openbravo WMS as it has given us the agility we needed at a very competitive cost, allowing us to transform operations in a record time.

Laurent Vanden Brande, Former Supply Chain & ICT Director of Match

Adaptable to diverse product categories

Irrespective of the product category or categories, businesses can leverage Openbravo WMS to streamline their warehouse operations.
Fashion and Accessories
Furniture and Decoration
Consumer Electronics
Food and Beverage
Car parts and Accessories
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Gestión de inventario: configuración de almacén

Intelligently manage inbound operations

Openbravo WMS supports a variety of inbound operations processes for the receiving and putaway of items in the warehouse.
  • Manage different types of good receipts such as receipts of sales orders or transfers from other warehouses.
  • Improve the efficiency of your reverse logistics processes, in scenarios such as customer returns, reception of products that require repair or maintenance, or products that have reached the end of their life cycle or season.
  • Leverage a variety of putaway strategies that intelligently directs operators to putaway material in stock locations that optimize storage and reduce material handling and fulfillment costs.
  • Maximize the efficiency of preparation movements, diverting received merchandise directly to the shipping area when there is an order pending picking, thus avoiding unnecessary storage (cross-docking).

Ship products faster with improved speed and agility in your outbound processing

Leverage robust and advanced features for outbound processes in the warehouse.
  • Gain support for a variety of outbound operations for the creation and processing of shipping tasks corresponding to different scenarios, such as the delivery of goods to customers, a transfer to another warehouse or returns to vendors.
  • Gain speed and reduce picking errors by using a variety of picking strategies, which determine the bins and quantities that the system will suggest to operators in the outbound processing of orders.
  • Improve pick efficiency and gain greater control of shipment planning via multi-order picking and user-configurable wave allocation.
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Boost accuracy and visibility of stock

Gain transparency and visibility of stock that will let you tell customers exactly what products are available and when they will receive them.
  • Gain global and real-time inventory visibility, allowing you to track inventory from distribution centers to the store shelfs, including the ability to drill-down by product.
  • Support a variety of inventory procedures, including physical counts, recounts and cycle counts.
  • Enable efficient stock transfers and replenishments, both internal and external, with full control of "in transit" quantities.
  • Improve data capture and tasks execution from mobile devices.
  • Use product characteristics such as lot and serial number, expiration date, UOM and alternate UOM.

Empower associates with mobile processing

The Openbravo WMS mobile component enables users to perform daily tasks associated with receiving, putaway, picking and shipping directly from a mobile device.
  • Empower associates with an easy to use and intuitive user interface, with task types identified by configurable icons, and assigned tasks listed in order of priority and travel sequence, with priorities being recalculated continuously by the system to ensure the best execution order is always achieved.
  • Ensure warehouse operations continuity with an offline resistant technology that allows associates to continue processing tasks, even under the worst connectivity conditions.
  • Simplify your overall warehouse IT complexity with a full web and responsive component, that only requires a browser in your mobile devices.
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Stand-alone or working seamlessly with Openbravo OMS and Openbravo Store

Openbravo WMS can be adopted as an independent solution, used alongside existing legacy systems, or fully integrated with other components of Openbravo Commerce Cloud to provide a single, cloud-based and fully modular unified commerce platform.
Openbravo OMS
Order management system
Openbravo Store
Multi-store management system

Easy to integrate WMS technology

Leverage a flexible web-services-based API that dramatically simplifies integration with all types of legacy systems and technologies, such as ERPs, third party logistics systems, transport management systems, label printing systems, and others.

Openbravo WMS featured customers

Customers in diverse verticals use Openbravo WMS to improve the efficiency of their warehouse operations.
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Introduction to Openbravo WMS: more efficient warehouse for unified commerce
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Innovation and inventory optimization come to the flower business
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Boost warehouse efficiency and agility with Openbravo WMS
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