Warehouse and inventory management

Get a unique view of your inventory in store and warehouses

Increase the efficiency of your inventory management

Openbravo WMS is a complete inventory and warehouse management system for retailers. An inventory solution that offers complete control and visibility of stock levels in store, warehouses or in transit. Inside the warehouses, it also allows detailed control of the flow of goods, from reception and storage to picking and shipping.
Mobile inventory in fashion store

Use in different types of stores or warehouse

Manage inventory operations for stores of different types and sizes, central or distribution warehouses, from one to multiple storage areas and from a few to thousands of products.

Accurate and real-time inventory information

Ensure complete and real-time information on stock levels in stores and warehouses, thus avoiding out-of-stock and ensuring efficient order preparation.

Optimized storage and picking processes

Openbravo WMS supports your employees with a variety of algorithms that guide them in the execution of tasks, thus avoiding errors and reducing internal travel time.

Task execution from mobile devices

Ensure efficient task management such as receptions, counts or pickings from mobile devices, with rules that consider dynamic workloads and priorities.

Comprehensive and customizable functionality

Benefit from a wealth of features and flexible configuration that allow you to adapt to all your activities and manage a variety of logistics flows in your stores and warehouses.

Fully web and open cloud architecture

Developed in accordance with the latest web standards, Openbravo WMS can integrate with other systems and technologies and bring you all the benefits of the cloud with Openbravo Cloud.
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Gestión de inventario: configuración de almacén

Increase control of your warehouse operations

Take advantage of a wide set of configuration options for your warehouse and inventory management, from receiving to warehousing and from picking to shipping.
  • Manage multiple storage areas, such as stores, central warehouses or distribution centers, from a single point
  • Model routes and routing areas, locations and location groups within your stores and warehouses
  • Establish algorithms that define locations or the inventory to consider when creating or executing tasks
  • Define popularity codes that indicate the use of certain locations for products with a higher or lower degree of turnover (fast-movers or slow-movers)

Ensure accurate inventory information

Increase the control and accuracy of your inventory management, with statuses and features that ensure rapid detection and correction of potential discrepancies.
  • Get centralized visibility and real-time status, levels and movements of different types of inventories
  • Ensure full traceability by using attributes such as lot, serial number or expiration date
  • Run scheduled inventory counting tasks that ensure data accuracy at all times
  • Manage replenishment requests for your stores or warehouses
  • Benefit from intelligent management of stock management tasks from mobile devices. Activities such as receptions, movements, counts or pickings
Gestión de inventario: listado de tareas en dispositivo móvil
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Optimize your receiving and picking activities

Increase your employees' productivity with inventory management that incorporates advanced features to reduce internal movements.
  • Ensure the use of the best locations for storage or picking proposed by the system based on different rules
  • Allow products that require it to be automatically diverted to the quality inspection area before being transferred to the storage area
  • Maximize the efficiency of preparation movements, diverting received merchandise directly to the shipping area when there is an order pending picking, thus avoiding its storage (cross-docking)
  • Support the preparation of multiple orders registered at the point of sale or assigned by Openbravo OMS, creating picking tasks that combine batch picking and wave picking and are executed in different scheduled time frames
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Practical Demo: Introduction to Openbravo for Advanced Warehouse Management
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Optimize store inventory for omnichannel success
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Boost warehouse efficiency and agility with Openbravo WMS
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