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What is clienteling and how does it support a unified commerce strategy in retail?

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Clienteling is today a key retail strategy that seeks to establish lasting and meaningful relationships with customers. It can be defined as the set of processes or tools used to promote customer satisfaction through the personalization of the shopping experience. The ultimate goal is to increase customer lifetime value (CLV).

In clienteling, customer data is critical. By collecting and analyzing data on preferences, interests or purchase history, retailers can anticipate their customers’ needs. Having complete and centralized visibility of all customer activity across all channels, in real time, and accessible from any touchpoint, also contributes to the successful execution of a unified commerce strategy.

Using this information, retailers can offer personalized discounts based on shopping preferences, send reminders of products that customers have shown interest in in the past, or provide personalized advice based on purchase history. The goal is to make the customer-brand relationship more personal and valuable, creating an interaction that builds loyalty and encourages repeat purchases.

Clienteling is a powerful tool, especially in physical stores. Salespeople equipped with mobile devices with access to detailed information can assist customers in a personalized way anywhere in the store, recommending products, services or special promotions. The possibility of additional, real-time access to information such as available stock in store and in other stores, allows retailers to offer better service and save sales that might otherwise be lost.

What are the benefits?

  • Support for a unified commerce strategy
  • More personalized shopping experiences
  • Strengthened brand image
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • More loyal customers
  • Increased sales

The role of technology

Technology plays a crucial role in clienteling. Technologies such as data analytics, CRM solutions, and nowadays others such as artificial intelligence or machine learning, allow retailers to analyze customer data, making it available to their various sales channels, touchpoints and store employees, thus offering more personalized and unique shopping experiences.


How does Openbravo help retailers in their clienteling strategies?

Openbravo offers retailers a set of capabilities that facilitate the adoption of clienteling strategies. These include a centralized, real-time view of customer activity across all sales channels, particularly in stores with a retail POS system that provides real-time access to all this information from any point of contact or sale, and enables mobile scenarios, whereby sales associates can offer an enhanced and more personalized service from anywhere in the store.

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