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Adopt a fashion retail software that builds customer loyalty with enhanced shopping experiences and streamlined unified commerce operations

Openbravo for fashion retail
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Fast introductions

Manage and launch faster new products, variants with sizes and colors, prices and services.
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Customer and employee loyalty

Increase customer and employee satisfaction with promotions, clienteling functions and tiered loyalty programs.
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Click and Collect and more

Prepare store orders, from other stores or the eCommerce channel, in scenarios such as Click and Collect and others.
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Enhanced shopping experience

Offer an enhanced retail shopping experience with modern POS software for clothing, footwear and accessories stores.
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Precise and real-time stock

Ensure accurate stock in stores and warehouses, with mobile execution of receipts, pickings, shipments and counts.
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Global retail platform

Operate across markets with greater agility and innovation, with a fully modular, cloud-based retail platform.
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Reach faster your customers

Ensure faster and more frequent launches, with a fashion and accessories retail software that offers centralized management of products, variants, and services, thus enabling changes to be applied at all retail touchpoints in almost real-time.
  • Manage sizes and colors and other complementary features such as lasts and cups, for products in an unlimited number of price lists.
  • Offer different types of services, such as repairs, with the possibility of sending them to suppliers or external workshops and subsequent follow-up from the point of sale.
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Configuración de descuentos en software retail para moda

Build customer and employee loyalty

Offer your customers and employees benefits they’ll value, and that will increase their satisfaction and loyalty with your brand.
  • Manage tiered loyalty programs, with rules to earn and redeem points that motivate customers to buy more.
  • Offer recommendations on products, services and promotions.
  • Support a long list of standard promotion types, such as buy 1 get 2, by total ticket or by line, based on payment methods and many more, with automatic application rules based on the combination of multiple criteria.
  • Allow your employees to benefit from special prices, by applying them discounts that control a maximum accumulated discounted amount per employee.

Click and Collect, Ship from Store and more

Expand the role of your physical stores, with a POS software for fashion stores, equipped with tools that help them develop their new function as order preparation centers.
  • Prepare your stores for scenarios such as Click and Collect, Ship from Store, web reservations, order preparation from the same store and other stores.
  • Ensure an optimized preparation of your eCommerce orders, with rules that select the best stores, based on different criteria according to their stock availability.
  • Increase the efficiency of the preparation process, with mobile execution of preparation tasks such as picking and shipping, guided by the system.
Preparación de pedido Click and Collect en software retail para moda
Software TPV para ropa en software retail para moda

Improve your retail shopping experience for clothing, footwear and accessories

Adopt a POS software for clothing, footwear and accessories stores, modern and stylish, very easy to use, to improve the shopping experience of your customers and employees.
  • Offer personalized and innovative shopping experiences from a variety of touch points, such as fixed tills, mobile devices, self-checkout terminals and kiosks.
  • Manage returns with or without original receipt, from the store itself, other stores and the online channel.
  • Ensure fast and convenient checkout, with multiple supported delivery and payment methods.

Ensure accurate and real-time stock control

Avoid stock-outs and inventory movements with a single, centralized view of your product stock levels across all your stores and warehouses, resulting in optimized inventory costs and better shopping experiences.
  • Gain single and real-time view on the stock available in all your stores and warehouses.
  • Execute good receipts and shipments, pickings, counts, transfers and replenishments from mobile devices.
  • Improve the end-of-season process, with efficient management of excess stock shipment from each store to the central warehouse.
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Operate with agility and security in different markets

Adopt a retail platform designed for agility and growth, ready to help you operate across markets.
  • Fully modular and easy-to-integrate retail platform.
  • Dedicated cloud infrastructure, monitored 24/7/365 by Openbravo experts, which allows rapid deployments in the cloud.
  • Global, to access new markets, with a broad set of functional and technical capabilities for efficient management of specific local needs.

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