Store inventory management

Ensure accurate and reliable stock information in your stores

Store inventory management
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Reduce stock outs and improve customer service

Offer your retail stores a solution for store inventory management that ensures accurate and reliable stock information at all times. It enables efficient management of inventory tasks with the option to execute them on mobile devices. A key objective today to optimize inventory costs, reduce stock outs, improve customer service, and ensure a more efficient order preparation process.

All stock operations

Receipts, movements and shipments, with task execution on mobile devices.
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Flexible counts

Complete or partial inventory counts, with flexible configuration options at store level.
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Efficient order preparation

Real-time, centralized visibility of all inventory for more efficient order preparation.
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Increased availability

Easy management of manual or automatic replenishments to maintain planned stock levels.
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Support for all types of stock operations

Allow your stores to stay in control of their stock operations, with standard support for a variety of inventory tasks, from receiving, to put-away and shipment, executable from mobile devices.
  • Inventory look-up.
  • Receipts, put-away, movements, pickings and shipments.
  • Label printing.
  • Tasks for each employee ordered according to dynamic priorities.
  • Mobile and web solution, responsive and resistant to lack of connectivity.
Gestión de inventarios en dispositivo móvil
Gestión de inventarios en tablet

Flexible inventory count options

Allow each store to choose between different configuration options and counting methods, appropriate to their needs, to ensure the highest quality of stock information in the system at all times.
  • Count configuration options such as filters for store areas, products or categories of products and the possibility to assign it to several employees.
  • Physical counts and cycle counts.
  • Recounts.
  • Count status control.

Support for a more efficient preparation process

Offer precise and real-time information on the stock in your stores, essential for the success of today’s unified commerce scenarios such as Click & Collect, Ship-from-Store, eReservations or cross-store sales.
  • Inventory attributes such as serial number, lot number, expiration date, or characteristics such as size or color (variants management).
  • Use of inventory statuses to enable controls such as the exclusion of certain products for picking.
  • System-guided preparation activities.
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Easy execution of replenishment requests and tasks

Reduce stock-outs and ensure the availability of your products for shoppers in your stores or to meet the demand of online shoppers, supporting order preparation in scenarios such as Click and Collect and others.
  • Goods transfer requests from or to other stores and warehouses.
  • Internal automatic replenishments, between different areas of the same store.
  • Management of end-of-season inventory in verticals like fashion.

Cloud-based SaaS solutions for unified commerce

Our retail software allows improving the shopping experience, in the store and across channels. Built on a fully modular and cloud-based retail SaaS platform, it offers greater agility to adapt and innovate. All this supported by capabilities to operate globally, which allow managing specific needs of countries and territories.

Order management system (OMS)

Optimize eCommerce fulfillment with OMS rules for choosing the best stores for order preparation. Ensure all orders are managed in a timely manner with tools for a detailed control of the preparation process.
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Retail POS system

Offer your customers an enhanced in-store shopping experience with a very easy-to-use POS software. A solution that supports various types of touchpoints, such as fixed terminals, mobile devices, self-checkout, and kiosks.
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Store inventory management

Allow your stores to maintain accurate and real-time stock information. Control all your store inventory operations such as receipts, pickings, transfers, shipments, and counts from mobile devices.
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Store fulfillment

Enable your physical stores as order preparation centers. Efficiently manage orders from the same store, other stores, or the eCommerce channel. In scenarios such as Click and Collect, Ship from Store, e-Reservations and others.
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Retail merchandising

Achieve faster introductions and analyze in detail the success of your merchandising strategies. Centrally manage products, prices, and promotions. Access detailed data on goods movements and the performance of your channels.
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Clienteling, CRM and loyalty

Get to know your customers better and increase their satisfaction and loyalty. Achieve a single view of their purchase history across all channels, their loyalty programs, and promotions. And deliver them more personalized experiences.
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Warehouse management system (WMS)

Increase the efficiency of your warehouses, with centralized and real-time management of their operations. Inbound and outbound, inventories, replenisments, and transfers, with assisted execution of inventory tasks from mobile devices.
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Retail analytics

Improve visibility and decision-making with access to detailed reports and dashboards. Leverage detailed data about customers, sales, and stock, accessible by your employees from the central back office or any in-store POS terminal.
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