Openbravo Cloud

Agility, security and availability in the cloud for retail

Openbravo Cloud para retail

What is Openbravo Cloud ?

Openbravo Cloud is a single-tenant platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud option for retail. It offers retailers a highly secure infrastructure, which is provisioned, operated and maintained by Openbravo. On Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, tailored to the needs of each retailer to maximize the success of their unified commerce strategy.


Fast deployments and highly scalable according to needs.


Single tenant, designed for each retailer's requirements.


Deployed and monitored 24/7/365 by Openbravo cloud experts.


At every level of the infrastructure and with protection against cyberattacks.

Optimized and scalable cloud infrastructure for retail

Openbravo Cloud offers a dedicated and pre-configured cloud infrastructure, tailored to the needs of each retailer, for the highest levels of flexibility and performance.
  • In Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.
  • Preconfiguration of the different technical components, adapted to the requirements of each client, including cloud resources and services, web and application servers, among others.
  • Possibility of single or multi-server architectures with high availability schemes.
  • Easy to expand or reduce cloud resources according to needs at all times.
  • Cloud-based test environments are included alongside the production environment.
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Cloud security you can trust

As part of the architecture design and implementation of the environments, Openbravo applies security best practices at all levels to keep your solution up and running and your customers’ information safe from malicious access.
  • Controlled access to the operating system of virtual machines.
  • Encryption protocol for web access to the solution.
  • Encryption of data in transit, even within the internal network.
  • Regular application of operating system security updates.
  • Continuous monitoring of published Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs).
  • Optional site-to-site VPN service.

Increased protection with Openbravo WAF

Openbravo WAF (Web Application Firewall) helps protect your Openbravo system by filtering and monitoring HTTP traffic trying to access it. An essential tool today against the growing risk posed by cyberattacks, thanks to capabilities such as:
  • Use of managed and custom rules.
  • OWASP Basic Rules, which block the top 10 attack techniques.
  • Protection against DDoS (denial of service attack).
  • Sensitive data detection.
  • Exposed credential checks.
  • Protection of productive and non-productive environments.
Protección cloud para retail con Openbravo WAF
Botón disaster recovery con Openbravo Cloud para retail

Guaranteed levels of system availability and recovery

With Openbravo Cloud, retailers get guaranteed levels of server availability and system uptime that are difficult and expensive to replicate with internal resources.
  • Flexible backup of database, application code and configuration and any additional data files, providing different alternatives depending on the type of disaster you need to recover from.
  • RPO and RTO based on chosen architecture, with a true recovery point for your database information that could be as low as a few seconds for high availability environments.

Continuous control and monitoring for maximum performance

Continuous monitoring of the infrastructure ensures retailers benefit from the highest level of performance and the highest levels of vigilance against security threats.
  • More than 30 health alerts and more than 60 performance metrics are continuously monitored in each environment hosted by Openbravo Cloud.
  • 24/7 support for critical incidents from production environments.
  • Benefit from the knowledge and experience of a team of cloud experts in different areas.
Experto monitorizando la infraestructura de Openbravo Cloud para retail

Focus more on your business

Allow business users to focus more on innovation and differentiation, designing quality products and experiences, with superior customer service, while Openbravo experts take care of all security aspects and give you the peace of mind you need to operate your Openbravo solution on the cloud.

Ensure faster deployments

Whether it’s a new cross-channel or in-store selling scenario, a new inventory management process in your warehouses, or a new report, Openbravo Cloud allows you to easily and quickly extend your solution with faster and more secure cloud deployment.

Cloud-based SaaS solutions for unified commerce

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