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Ship from Store, the retailers’ ace card for 2023

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Consumers have increasingly high expectations when it comes to instant gratification: they want to buy something and have it in their hands quickly. One of the new hybrid shopping modalities available to retailers to speed up delivery times for online orders is Ship from Store.

It has been shown that Ship from Store can reduce shipping costs by almost a third, but not only that, it also allows retailers to increase sales, reduce out-of-stock issues and optimise inventory.

It may seem like a simple operation, but supply chain experts warn that shipping from shops can be more challenging than picking orders in distribution centres that are designed for the job.

To implement a Ship-from-Store strategy, an integrated system with unified commerce capabilities and access to online inventory throughout the chain is required.

Ship from store platform

A platform like Openbravo Commerce Cloud gives retailers real-time visibility and control of inventory across all locations, allowing them to make informed decisions about when it is most cost-effective to ship an order from shop inventory and when it is most cost-effective to ship from a distribution centre.

With an integrated system, retailers can make the most of their inventory, offer faster and more cost-effective delivery to their customers and enable shops to increase sales without relying on availability at a single location.

It is important to note that Ship from Store is not suited to all types of businesses. However, for those retailers with a well-developed shop network and integrated online inventory, drop shipping can be an excellent way to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.


To learn more about how Openbravo Commerce Cloud enables physical shops to embrace unified commerce with services like Ship from Store or Click and Collect, watch our product tour