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Warehouse efficiency is key to achieving unified commerce

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In a world of unified commerce, retailers must ensure that stock can be located quickly and moved efficiently, regardless of the size of the order or whether it comes from a website, store, warehouse or other channel. In this context, warehouse efficiency is mandatory to succeed in any unified commerce strategy.

Failure to adapt warehouses and fulfillment processes to unified commerce can lead to inefficiencies and additional costs. To solve these problems, retailers must gain real-time inventory visibility, drive warehouse productivity and achieve more accurate inventory levels, as well as reduce costs, which will ultimately reduce the cost of inventory.

Warehouse management requires detailed knowledge of what is coming into the facility and what is going out to drive inventory accuracy and management.

To achieve warehouse efficiency, you need to integrate and optimize the warehousing, picking, packing and shipping processes to ensure that goods are packed correctly, packed properly and delivered on time to the right place, either on the shelf or in the right container and ready to pick or deliver.

It is now possible for retailers to fulfill orders both online and in-store from the inventory closest to the destination using an inventory and warehouse management solution designed for the unified commerce world.

In addition to seeing what is happening in stores and warehouses, it is also possible to see order picking, shipping and inventory counts for more agile item movement and package management.

Having a good warehouse management system in place can help retailers better monitor inventory levels, which has proven to be a challenge for many retailers in recent months, and identify areas for improvement.

Retailers looking for solutions that help their employees get the right products to the right place faster should look for solutions that streamline and prioritize picking and packing processes.

Getting up-to-date information on inventory levels, order status and order details in real time is just one of the many benefits of an inventory and warehouse management solution.

Eliminating paper tracking and the human error that often accompanies it will increase fulfillment efficiency and provide the order visibility that consumers now demand.