Omnichannel solution for reporting and analysis

Keep your omnichannel operations under control

Gain more visibility of your operations

Unprecedented changes in consumer behavior, increased pressure on margins, and greater complexity in order management require retailers to have greater control and visibility of their operations.


Openbravo Reporting offers a comprehensive, adaptable, and scalable omnichannel analytics solution based on leading technology from TIBCO Jaspersoft. It offers an extensible data model and a reporting solution to analyze customers, inventory and sales across all channels.

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Pre-engineered and fully integrated solution

Reduce deployment time and total cost of ownership with a fully integrated solution with your Openbravo system.

Reports and standard data storage for retail

Data model to add high volumes of information, and reports accessible from the back office or point of sale.

Adaptable and expandable in the cloud

Adapt and extend as needed, on a dedicated cloud infrastructure for maximum performance.
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Make faster and more informed decisions

Empower your users to make better decisions with an analytics solution that offers access to detailed information on your operations.
  • Access a variety of reports for sales and inventory analysis, from the back office or point of sale
  • Create new reports and adapt or extend existing ones to support your needs of information analysis
  • Automate the execution and distribution of reports to multiple recipients
Solución de análisis omnicanal: informes desde distintos dispositivos
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Extensible data storage

Benefit from a prebuilt retail data warehouse data model that reduces implementation time and total cost of ownership.
  • Flexible and extensible data model that allows large data volumes to be consolidated
  • Standard domains for sales, discounts, payments, taxes, and returns
  • Includes incremental load and data update (ETL) processes for your Openbravo system

Solution based on market-leading technology of TIBCO Jaspersoft

TIBCO Jaspersoft embedded analytics software is the most flexible and customizable business intelligence platform on the market.
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  • Self-service web-based solution for reporting
  • Secure authentication and single sign-on (SSO) between Openbravo and TIBCO Jaspersoft with role-based authorization mapping
  • Possibility of interactive and mobile-ready reports
  • Reports can be delivered to users from within the application in various formats: printed, PDF via email
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