Omnichannel platform for fashion retail

Stay ahead of the evolution of fashion trends

Increase the loyalty of your fashion customers

Fashion retail faces greater competition and a dynamic scenario marked by shorter seasons and more demanding customers who are greatly influenced by trends, obliging retailers to offer a greater variety of products and styles, with more frequent launches. In addition, customers expect greater ease and convenience when buying, paying, receiving or returning products through all channels. These factors are forcing retailers to accelerate their strategies to embrace a truly omnichannel approach.


They are seeing greater pressure on margins that forces them to boost operational efficiencies, optimize inventory costs and improve order management.  They need to gain greater agility and an ability to adapt and react quickly to changes in tastes and preferences of customers.


Move towards true omnichannel

Openbravo offers fashion retailers an omnichannel platform to meet the needs of the most demanding environments. Equipped with a fashion POS software ready to support different omnichannel and low-contact scenarios, as well as components for order management, warehouse and inventory management, and promotion management. All this on a modular technology platform, 100% open source and mobile for greater agility and capacity for innovation. And in the cloud.

CRM & Clienteling

Get detailed, complete and accurate information on your clients

Order Management

Manage different omnichannel scenarios such as Click & Collect in an optimized way

Multi store solution

POS software for fashion, web and mobile ready to support your omnichannel strategy

Merchandising retail

Manage your products, prices and promotions centrally

Warehouse and inventory

Increase the accuracy of the inventory management and gain real-time visibility


Analyze the performance of your operations on each channel

Get to know your customers better for a more personalized experience

Ensure complete and accurate customer information  such as personal data or purchase history is available at all touchpoints so as to permit greater personalization of the shopping experience for your customers. Manage global loyalty programs that will motivate your customers to return.
Cliente comprando en tienda retail de moda

Integrated eCommerce and physical stores

Sell and deliver merchandise intelligently across all in-store and digital touchpoints. Offer omnichannel services such as Click and Collect or cross returns between your stores and eCommerce platform, and take advantage of the flexible brew rules engine that enables you to meet your customers’ preferences and profitability goals.  Easily connect eCommerce solutions such as VTEX, SAP Hybris, Magento or Prestashop to create a perfectly integrated system linking your stores and warehouses.
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Stores turned into true omnichannel hubs

Turn your fashion stores into true omnichannel hubs with Openbravo POS software. Take advantage of endless aisle capabilities like selling or returning products from other stores,  and a fast, convenient and secure checkout, with self-checkout terminals or a mobile POS equipped with clienteling functions.


The solution allows you to manage all your stores and terminals from a single point, also avoiding the need for local servers.

Vestidos en tienda retail de moda femenina
Escaparate con descuentos en tienda retail de moda

Faster launches and greater promotional agility

Increase your promotional efficiency and agility with a powerful promotion engine to support a variety of discounts. manual or automatic, with flexible application rules combining multiple criteria and for each of its channels.


Take advantage of an architecture that enables you to launch new lines and styles more quickly. Its centralized management allows you to transfer any change to all your stores and points of sale almost immediately.

Gain unique, real-time inventory visibility

Get real-time visibility of your fashion inventory across all locations and greater control of the flow of goods within each of your warehouses.


Control sizes, colors and efficiently manage inventory transactions, such as receptions, movements, shipments or picking from mobile devices. Comprehensive functionality allows the work of your employees to be optimized and ensures inventory accuracy, which is a prerequisite for omnichannel success.

Pantalones jeans en tienda retail de moda

Keep your omnichannel operations under control

Openbravo offers fashion retailers a comprehensive and customizable reporting solution. Equipped with an extensible data model with standard domains in areas such as sales, discounts, payments and taxes.


With a complete list of reports to access detailed information from the point of sale or the back office.

Get more IT agility in the cloud

Adopt a high-performance dedicated cloud infrastructure on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Supported by cloud experts to secure your operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Take advantage of an open, standards-based retail API and modular architecture, giving you greater agility and the ability to innovate. Today and in the future.

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