Omnichannel software platform for consumer electronics and household appliances retail

Exceed your customers’ service expectations

More knowledgable clients

With an increasingly digitally savvy and confident customer, electronics and technology retailers today face a scenario where the information asymmetry between merchant and customer has been reduced or disappeared. This therefore requires retailers to offer a much more specialized service and consistent information across all channels.


Customers  demand greater convenience when buying, paying, receiving or returning their products, which means omnichannel is no longer optional for retailers in this sector,  who also require greater agility to adapt more rapidly to changes in buyer behavior.

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Achieve true omnichannel

Openbravo offers electronics and technology retailers a complete omnichannel cloud management solution to support the most demanding environments. Its POS software allows a more personalized service and enables different omnichannel and low-contact in-store scenarios. Components for order management, warehouse and inventory management, product management, prices and promotions also ensure an agile and optimized management of operations. All this on a modular technology platform, 100% open source and mobile.

CRM & Clienteling

Get detailed, complete and quality information from your clients

Order Management

Optimize the management of scenarios such as Click and Collect that integrate your eCommerce and physical stores

Multi-store solution

Offer more customization and avoid local in-store servers with web and mobile POS software

Merchandising retail

Manage your products, prices and promotions in a more agile and centralized way

Warehouse and Inventory

Increase the visibility and accuracy of your inventory in real time and from a single point


Monitor and analyze in detail the performance of your operations on each channel

Unique customer vision

Access comprehensive and accurate customer information, such as personal data or purchase history, from the point of sale and other points of contact to enable greater personalization. Manage global loyalty programs that will motivate your customers to come back.
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Effective integration of the online and offline channel

Sell and deliver merchandise intelligently across all in-store and digital touchpoints. Offer omnichannel services such as Click and Collect or cross returns between stores and your eCommerce platform. Its flexible brew rules engine enables you to meet your customer preferences and profitability goals. A perfectly integrated system with your stores and warehouses that facilitates the connection with eCommerce solutions such as VTEX, SAP Hybris, Magento or Prestashop.
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Truly omnichannel POS solution

Turn your stores into true omnichannel hubs with Openbravo POS software. Take advantage of infinite aisle capabilities such as the sale or return of products from other stores, as well as a fast, convenient and secure checkout, with the use of self-checkout terminals or mobile POS functionality. Built-in clienteling capabilities allow your employees to offer more personalization, with features like recommending products, services, or promotions.


The solution also allows you to manage all your stores and terminals from a single point and avoids the need for local servers.

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Agile management of products, prices and promotions

Increase your promotional efficiency and agility with a powerful promotion engine to support a variety of discounts. Manual or automatic, with flexible application rules combining multiple criteria and for each of its channels.


Take advantage of an architecture that allows you to launch new products or apply changes to existing ones more quickly. Its centralized management allows you to transfer any change to all your stores and points of sale almost immediately.

Centralized inventory control

Get detailed, real-time visibility of movements and stock availability in your stores, warehouses or in transit from a single point, which is essential for efficient order preparation and optimization of your total inventory costs.


The solution simplifies the management of  wide varieties and assortments of goods such as mobiles, televisions,  cameras, and different types of household appliances. Use hierarchies, track serial numbers and enter unlimited number of characteristics, so allowing you to describe your products and facilitate searches made at the point of sale by your employees or on your website  by your customers.


For those retailers with more demanding inventory requirements, Openbravo WMS offers advanced functionalities for greater control of the flow of goods in warehouses and the management of tasks such as counts, pickings, receptions or shipments from mobile devices. .

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Omnichannel analytics and reporting

Openbravo offers consumer electronics and home appliance retailers a comprehensive and adaptable reporting and analytics solution. It is equipped with an extensible data model with standard domains in areas such as sales, discounts, payments and taxes.


It comes with a complete list of reports to access detailed information from the point of sale or the back office.

Agility and scalability in the cloud

Adopt an easily scalable, high-performance dedicated cloud infrastructure on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Supported by cloud experts to secure your operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Its open, standards-based retail API and a fully modular architecture give you greater agility and the ability to innovate. Today and in the future.

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