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Boost your agility and unified commerce strategy

Deliver enhanced unified commerce experiences in-store and across channels with augmented agility and innovation


Boost your agility and unified commerce strategy

Openbravo Commerce Cloud

Cloud-based retail SaaS platform for unified commerce

Discover the retail software that enables enhanced unified commerce experiences and greater agility to adapt and innovate.
Central commerce back office
Multi-store solution
Order management intelligence
Warehouse and inventory management
Reports and dashboards
Cloud and mobile modular architecture
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Openbravo Commerce Central

Achieve real-time, centralized management

Manage all your channels and unified commerce operations from a single point and in real time.
Single configuration repository
Configure products, taxes, payment methods or loyalty programs from a single point.
Single customer view
Gain detailed visibility into customer activity across all channels.
Flexible discounts engine
Support a wide variety of discount types and promotions as standard.
Openbravo Store

Empower your stores with flexible, easy-to-use store software

Enable a new role for your stores today with a solution your employees will love.
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More personalized in-store experiences
Leverage clienteling capabilities such as access to purchase history and recommendations for products, services and promotions.
Ability to act as fulfillment centers
Enable fulfillment of orders for current or other stores, and other scenarios such as Click and Collect, Ship-from-Store or eReservations.
Increased agility with optimized IT costs
No local servers, resilient to lost connectivity, supports traditional tills, mobile POS, self-checkout (SCO), kiosks.
Openbravo OMS

Connect your stores and the online channel

Adopt an OMS solution that optimizes your eCommerce order fulfillment process.
Support a variety of shopping scenarios
Support eReservations and partial or full purchases thanks to a flexible API for integration with your eCommerce platform.
Identify the best fulfillment locations
Leverage rules and access to global stock on hand to identify the best pick points for each order.
Control the pick-to-delivery process
Enable stores to accept or reject an order, identifying alternative stores if necessary, through to delivery of products.
Openbravo WMS

Increase the efficiency of your warehouses for unified commerce

Improve control and visibility of all your warehouse operations for efficient order preparation.
Software para retail: solución de gestión de almacenes
Single, real-time view of stock in all warehouses
Model the physical structure of your warehouses and manage all operations and inventory status across all warehouses and in transit from a single point.
Inbound, outbound, picking and counting
Manage a variety of warehouse scenarios such as receipts, pickings, shipments, movements, inventories, transfers and replenishments.
Guided task execution from mobile devices
Boost employee efficiency and productivity with mobile execution of system-guided tasks using a variety of warehouse rules and algorithms.
Openbravo Reporting

Keep your operations under control

Track your day-to-day operations with built-in reporting.
Software para retail: solución de informes
Easy access
Give users direct access to reports either from the back office or at the point of sale.
Reports and dashboards
View sales reports by channel or store, by month, by day and time, by product, by product category and by stock.
Flexible data model
Leverage a complete retail data structure that can be extended to support new needs.
Technology Platform

Accelerate your capacity for change and innovation

Gain greater agility to innovate and manage change more effectively.
Fully modular architecture
Adopt only the functionality you need and simplify changes and the upgrade process.
Easy to integrate
Leverage an open API and standard connectors for solutions like ERP, eCommerce and payment solutions.
Rapid and secure deployments
Benefit from a dedicated cloud infrastructure, sized for specific needs, that is monitored 24/7/365.
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Thanks to Openbravo, we were able to lighten our infrastructure in stores by eliminating the need for servers on-site. We are now able to roll out changes in a way that saves much time and cost.
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Openbravo has become a key tool to progress in our omnichannel strategy and so our stores are now able to play a new role in serving the increased online demand by acting as fulfillment points.
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We were particularly impressed by the rapid yet smooth rollout that Openbravo has undertaken as it has allowed us to reach all of our stores in a very short time.
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We are impressed with the capacity of the Openbravo POS, which has allowed us to greatly simplify our processes. This has been key for enabling us to make all our stores operational in just four months.
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