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"Grazie alla Commerce Suite di Openbravo, adesso nuovi prodotti, prezzi o promozioni possono essere definiti e disponibili in tutti i nostri negozi in pochi minuti."

Lorenzo Sánchez, Product Manager
Sánchez Hipertextil
Sánchez Hipertextil
Mobili e Arredamento Casa

As part of a business upgrade and the need to improve the efficiency of its operations, which was suffering from poor management in key processes such as inventory and cost control, Sánchez Hipertextil decided to replace its corporate system developed under client-server technology, which had also posed significant limitations in terms of adapting to the company's specific needs.

"Adopting the Openbravo Commerce Suite permitted us to acquire a complete and reliable vision of the business status, improving efficiency in all operations and increasing our agility in key processes such as launching new products, rates or promotions that can now be defined and available in all of our stores in a matter of hours".

Lorenzo, Sánchez, Product Manager


  • Integration of activities in all company areas in a single system.
  • Real-time and detailed visibility of sales and customized product manufacturing orders, including detailed control of costs per product.
  • Improvement of customer service and optimization of investment in material purchases, thanks to detailed stock control in every location, which permits a more effective replenishment process in stores and ultimately a reduction in out-of-stock and overstock situations.
  • Optimization of operations in the online store, thanks to a complete integration with backoffice processes for order management.
  • Possibility of managing tailored product orders, such as curtains, from the actual point of sale and integrating said information directly with the manufacturing process.
  • Reduction of launch time for new products, prices and promotions in every store.
  • Optimization and automation of financial and accounting tasks.
  • Improvement of operations analysis capabilities and general business performance.
  • Simplification and cost savings of the necessary IT infrastructure.



  • Improve inventory management and cost control.
  • Ensure an efficient integration of the online store with the new system for the improvement of the online operations.
  • Prepare stores for better customer service.
  • Simplify and reduce the costs of infrastructure and technological resources for the maintenance of the new corporate system.
  • Endow the company with a future-ready solution that allows the company to move towards omnichannel scenarios of online-offline integration, as well as being able to benefit from the use of mobile and cloud technologies.



  • After an evaluation process of other solutions in the market, Sánchez Hipertextil chose the Openbravo Commerce Suite, adopting it as a complete all-in-one ERP system based on its technology, flexibility, adaptability, and wide-reaching functionality.
  • Currently, the solution offers support for sales management, purchasing, production (ML type or Materials List), warehousing, finance, accounting and store solution.
  • Analysis and reporting engine for monitoring and control of key business indicators.

  • Customized development to support specific needs, including the integration of the online store or stock management processes between store locations for a more efficient replenishment process, effectively prioritizing stores with greater movement.

Company description

Sánchez Hipertextil is the third generation of a store chain exclusively dedicated the sale and manufacture of curtains and household linens. Their establishments offer a wide range of fabrics with multiple designs and prices. Presently, the company owns seven establishments distributed throughout the province of Barcelona.