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Deporvillage consolidates its leadership as a sports eCommerce and moves into omnichannel with Orisha | Openbravo

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Orisha Openbravo has been a key player in the company’s development over the years, and today continues to provide us with the tools we need to grow and execute our vision.

José Pérez-Milá, Deporvillage Co-CEO

Leading eCommerce in southern Europe in cycling and running products

Founded in 2010, Deporvillage is today a leading eCommerce for cycling, running and outdoor sports in Southern Europe, belonging to the JD Sports group, with a turnover of 160 million euros in 2022, marketing its sports products worldwide.


Increasing visibility and efficiency of eCommerce operations

With its growing sales volume and the complexity of its operations, deporvillage required new solutions to allow better business control across all areas. Centralized and real-time information to support key processes such as demand forecasting or stock replenishment to increase the profitability of its operations.


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Achieving greater agility to support fast international growth

The company’s international sales launch, initially in Italy, France, and Portugal and later expanded to more countries such as Belgium, England, Germany, Holland, and Switzerland, required greater agility in processes, such as warehouse and inventory management, order preparation, and shipment.


Supporting omnichannel vision

As part of the company’s strategic plan to move towards omnichannel, physical store openings begin in 2023. In this new phase, Deporvillage needs a store solution with point-of-sale software that integrates seamlessly with the other existing components and offers the kind of shopping experience the company has in mind for its customers.


Deporvillage uses Orisha | Openbravo as its central commerce platform, including eCommerce and store operations management. From the start, the solution’s features ensured a rapid implementation process and an efficient evolution over time, delivering fast results for the company.


The solution, implemented by Practics Business Solutions, an official Openbravo partner, now supports key processes such as purchasing, sales, and invoicing, as well as logistics with the eCommerce platform integration and different operators. Custom algorithms for the automation of the purchasing process were also implemented.


In stores, Openbravo supports a range of operations, including sales, returns, inventory, and replenishment activities, as well as pricing and promotions management. It also enables a flexible checkout process, taking advantage of the benefits offered by Openbravo’s certified connector with Adyen for payments.

The challenge of a physical opening, when we are already leading the online sports segment, is a firm commitment to omnichannel. The trust in Openbravo and Practics and having a store solution that is now a differentiator in the market was an easy decision for us. Its rich functionality and ease of adoption are already allowing us to successfully move forward with our stores opening plan.

José Pérez-Milá, Deporvillage Co-CEO


eCommerce and stores fully connected

Orisha Openbravo now enables Deporvillage to manage the operations of both channels from a single point. Now, the company has a single, real-time view of all its customers, orders, and inventory, providing better analysis of its go-to-market strategies and more efficient inventory operations management.
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Agility, innovation, and simplification in the store

Openbravo Store, is a fully web-based store solution that eliminates the need for local servers, greatly simplifying the IT store’s complexity, deployment, and configuration tasks. This has given deporvillage the agility needed to achieve its ambitious roll-out plan. With Openbravo Store, deporvillage has also secured a solution that will facilitate the introduction of innovations and new retail scenarios in the future, with a POS software that supports fixed, mobile, self-checkout, and kiosk terminals.
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Reduced stock-outs and shipping incidents

Real-time, detailed visibility of all available stock has, over time, substantially reduced the number of stock-outs and shipping incidents, resulting in better service and an improved shopping experience for their customers.

Optimized purchasing and inventory costs

The implementation of the internal business algorithms of the company, taking advantage of the flexibility offered by the platform, allows Deporvillage to have more accurate, reliable, and efficient purchasing and replenishment processes. This enabled the resulting costs to be optimized, helping to achieve greater profitability in operations.


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