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Outlet PC adopts Openbravo to boost agility and integration

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Outlet PC started business in 2008 in its home town of Tarragona, Spain,  offering customers affordable electronics.  Over the next decade,  the company greatly expanded its product assortment, opened nine stores and launched an online shop. The company serves several thousand customers and handles hundreds of orders a day across several European countries.

But the company realized that its existing systems  could no longer support its rapid growth and future needs. The exponential increase in products being handled was pushing the capacity and performance of these outdated applications to the limit.

If Outlet PC wanted to keep growing, it needed a modern, agile and scalable solution capable of integrating its sales channels with purchasing, inventory & warehousing, analytics, and logistics to stores and customers.

What made Outlet PC decide to upgrade their technology?

The company was experiencing problems such as frequent outages, discrepancies in cash closures, and duplications and errors in warehouse operations. It was difficult to analyze the profitability of products by distributor or manufacturer, and daily sales data and margins could not be analyzed until the next day because store applications were not synchronized in real time. These inefficiencies and their hidden costs were adding up and negatively affecting its bottom line. So the company decided to take action.

End-to-end integration and real-time data visibility

Outlet PC was able to implement the Openbravo solution and integrate its entire business process within six months and virtually no downtime. In addition to the point of sale, the solution provides real-time visibility of sales, purchase/ordering, and inventory and warehouse management.

The solution is integrated with logistics operators and a route planning & optimization application as well. Online orders are integrated with other physical inventory movements as needed.

Benefits seen across all operations company-wide

Since adopting Openbravo as its end-to-end retail management solution, the company can introduce and manage a greater number of products more easily and more efficiently.  The POS solution offers real-time access to customer data and inventory information so staff can provide more service and a faster checkout experience.

Marc Estrem, CIO of Outlet PC, says:

“Openbravo allowed us to transform our good ideas into changes that have had a real impact on business and sales.”

Downstream incidents in the distribution process and errors between the stock in the system and physical stock have been virtually eliminated. The system now supports different delivery options, such as Buy Online and Pick-up in Store (BOPIS) and other omnichannel scenarios.

And finally, the company can analyze the profitability of products by category and make better decisions based on real-time, actionable data which can be seen graphically on personalized dashboards.

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