Openbravo Retail Talk with Sharaf DG

Retail challenges and opportunities in the post-pandemic era

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Welcome to Openbravo Retail Talks, a series of digital events hosted by Openbravo where we will review key trends, challenges and opportunities in retail by talking to the experts who really understand this industry.

About this talk

It is clear today that the gap between retail leaders and the runners up continues to widen. This manifests itself in a wide range of areas — business agility, technological innovation, customer experience, and so on. The pandemic has added more pressure to retailers and widened the gap further. Brands that cannot adapt to today’s new market conditions have a very uncertain future.


So today we want to look to the new retail reality and talk about some of the broader trends that are now shaping retail and obliging retailers to find answers to questions such as: How have consumer expectations evolved? How does the future look for physical stores? They were already immersed in a deep transformation process. Has the pandemic accelerated it? And what are the new opportunities for retailers in the current scenario characterized by disruption and rapid change?


To find out more, we have the pleasure of talking to Ramalingam Thyagarajan, IT Senior Manager at Sharaf DG, a leading consumer electronics retailer in the Middle East with more than 30 stores and an Openbravo customer.

Our Speakers

Team member
Ramalingam Thyagarajan
IT Senior Manager at Sharaf DG
Team member
Xavier Anaya
APAC, MEA and Americas Sales Director at Openbravo

“The pandemic has actually accelerated the adoption of online channels for customers. Now we need to provide a valid reason for the customer to walk into your store. So the major challenge that we are facing is how do you stay relevant in these changing times and the ability to provide differentiated experiences, not only hands-on experiences on products but also in terms of availability, support and services.”

Ramalingam Thyagarajan, IT Senior Manager at Sharaf DG
Watching time: 10:01 minutes

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