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Zôdio Implements New Concept Store with Openbravo

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Zôdio, a French home goods retailer, has pioneered a new type of retailing concept at its Herblay store using Openbravo as its POS platform in a project that took just 3 months to implement. As well as a more compact format, the new store concept makes extensive use of in-store digital technologies such as electronic shelf labels, product range extension screens (endless aisles), and handheld Openbravo POS terminals that empower associates to update stock levels in real time and complete transactions for customers.

Electronic labels help both customers and sales associates

The electronic shelf labels, which show when an item is new to the collection, allow customers to scan the barcode with their phones and see the product and all its attributes via the company website, thanks to NFC technology. These barcodes also make it easier for sales associates to take stock, allowing them to scan the barcode of a product on a shelf to see how many are in stock or perform a stock count in real time.

Convenient cross-channel shopping and easy payments

Since the new concept store is designed to be smaller, not all products are kept in stock. However, the store is outfitted with large touch screens which show additional products in Zodio’s collection along with their product information.

Openbravo Web POS is web-enabled and based on the cloud, so sales assistants can easily access customer data and process sales at any Zodio point-of-sale terminal or mobile device, making the checkout experience faster and more convenient. If a customer wants to purchase an item that is not in the store, the barcode on the screen can be scanned and the payment can be processed directly on an assistant’s mobile POS. Thus, the customer experiences a quick, seamless and agile experience.

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