Product demonstration

See the Openbravo Commerce Cloud in action

We don’t offer an ERP

Openbravo has been in the past a well-known horizontal ERP software vendor, but today we are 100% focused to enable more agile and innovative commerce operations with our cloud-based omnichannel platform. So if you need a single solution to support the entire business, including core corporate processes like accounting, finance, HR or manufacturing, we’re sorry to say we won’t be able to help. Instead we can seamlessly integrate with your preferred ERP package and other complementary solutions to support your end-to-end omnichannel operations. Visit our integrations page to know about available connectors, like the certified integration with SAP.

Openbravo Commerce Cloud: Omnichannel and CX demonstration

In this video we present the Openbravo Commerce Cloud. After an initial introduction of the whole platform we go through some online and offline demo scenarios, including Ship-from-store, Click and Collect, regular POS sales, cross-store and cross-channel returns, self-checkout and store inventory. We also present the Openbravo Reporting.