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Mobile POS Helps Sales Associates Improve Your In-Store Experience

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In today’s tough retailing environment, your store associates are in the front line in the battle to keep customers coming into your stores. But sales staff who are pushy or even rude can make customers leave your store – and maybe never return.

According to a report from Usabilla,45 percent of customers prefer sales staff to be available, but not to approach them.  We have all been in stores where the staff just won’t leave you alone. One in ten customers say that they most frequently leave stores because of pushy and aggressive sales staff, Usabillia found.

Millennials are particularly averse to pushy sales staff, with 64 percent reporting they have lied to get out of conversations in store.

A negative experience with sales staff is not easily forgotten and 42 percent report this is most likely to cause them never to return to a store.

Deliver a good in-store experience

It does not have to be that way, of course. Ideally, your store associates are there to leverage strengths of a physical store in terms of offering personalized service, well-informed advice and let’s not forget the smile to make the customer feel welcome! The aim should be to ensure that customers leave the store feeling good about the shopping experience they have just had.

This is how it should work: You walk into your favorite fashion retail store and an associate greets you warm, letting you know they are available to help if required; unaided you find a dress you like but it’s not the right size; you approach the assistant, who checks on the POS terminal and sees that they have the right size available in another store and also online; the assistant offers you the choice between reserving  the item so that the other store will hold it for you, or ordering it online to pick-up in the current store; impressed by the efficient yet unobtrusive customer service, you  chooses the second option and stay in the store to browse some more items.

The right POS system can help your store associates deliver stand-out customer service and so keep customers returning to your stores.