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Business Suite Functional Training 2

Date: On demand
Mode: Instructor lead
Duration: 30h / 3 weeks
Language: English
Course guide: Download
649 USD

Functional Training level 2 course aims to provide a good understanding of the most fundamental financial configurations that a consultant executes when implementing the Openbravo Business Suite as well as providing additional functionality such as pricing and assets. Just like in the Functional Training 1, the Openbravo Business Suite Professional Edition is used for this course. However, whereas the Functional Training 1 uses the existing demo data, the data within this training is set up by the student, which helps give an insight into what initial configurations have to be executed manually as part of any implementation.

Note: Functional Training 1 is required before joining this course as well as having an accounting background to understand the concepts covered. This course does not cover the technical knowledge required to perform a basic Openbravo Business Suite implementation, which is covered by our Technical Training 1.



  • Session 1 - Organization and accounting configuration
  • Session 2 - Master Data Management ­- Pricing
  • Session 3 - Functional Modules
  • Session 4 - Asset Acquisition to Dispose