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Success Stories

La Europea, a leading retailer for wines, spirits and gourmet foods in Mexico with over 50 stores, has managed to increase its ticket capacity by 20% and boost sales by 15% thanks to its cloud-based POS solution with Openbravo. Founded in 1953, La Europea built a reputation for high-end products

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Retail Trends

IT budgets might be growing, but many retailers are reluctant to let go of their legacy systems and struggle to decide where to focus IT investment for future growth. These decisions cannot be delayed any longer because postponing critical technology upgrades and using out-of-date software hinders a retailer’s ability to operate efficiently

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Openbravo now has the solution for larger retailers that want the  best of both worlds. Our new SAP-certified integration means that retailers can run SAP software at headquarter level and use Openbravo’s software to deliver an enhanced in-store experience. The SAP-certified integration permits the seamless exchange of POS data between

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ElectronicsindustriesSuccess Stories

Since opening its doors in 2005, Sharaf DG has become a leading electronics and electrical goods in the Middle East, with 32 stores and online stores in the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, and Oman. To continue growing and deliver the first-class experience its 1.5 million-strong customer base has come to expect, Sharaf

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