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Leading Food & Wine Retailer Boosts Sales 15% with Openbravo

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La Europea, a leading retailer for wines, spirits and gourmet foods in Mexico with over 50 stores, has managed to increase its ticket capacity by 20% and boost sales by 15% thanks to its cloud-based POS solution with Openbravo.

Founded in 1953, La Europea built a reputation for high-end products and excellent customer experience in its well-heeled locations across Mexico. La Europea began working with Openbravo in 2014, looking to simplify IT and make it faster and easier to manage products, promotions, analytics and other operations. They also needed a system that would integrate with Magento, SAP and loyalty platforms.

Want Agility? Start with a Cloud-Based POS Solution

“Moving to the cloud was a key objective for us, and Openbravo has made it easier, allowing greater business agility,” says Sergio Arturo García, the IT and Process Director at La Europea. “Openbravo is a modern and very complete point-of-sale solution that covers most of our needs for offering an excellent shopping experience.”

With an integrated and centralized system, La Europea can introduce products and promotions faster and with fewer errors, and reduce the time it takes to open new stores.  The solution also integrates with eCcommerce and loyalty platforms so that customers can not only receive more relevant promotions but also enjoy a seamless omnichannel experience.

Openbravo successfully completed integration with La Europea’s  existing SAP solution in just six months, giving real-time visibility of sales and warehouse movements from headquarters. In addition, the ability for headquarters staff to access to real-time sales data from any of its stores has greatly improved analytics and forecasting capabilities.

Read the case study to learn more about how Openbravo has helped La Europea improve business agility and its customers’ shopping experience.

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