Openbravo new website goes live to better spread the message of our Omnichannel platform

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Openbravo is pleased to unveil our new website, completely redesigned to offer a more intuitive user experience and with a fresh modern look. But the redesign goes far beyond cosmetic changes, as the organization and presentation of content has also been radically overhauled to enable visitors to find what they want more easily.

The overriding goal is to better communicate the value of Openbravo’s omnichannel platform for retailers as well as restaurateurs. Here are a few of the most significant changes:

  • More visually attractive with bigger and fresher pictures, icons and visual effects which help improve the visitor’s experience. The new website is also fully responsive;
  • Stronger messaging centered on omnichannel, mobile and cloud with a clearer presentation of our key capabilities by product and by vertical including Restaurants, so better describing Openbravo’s Omnichannel Platform benefits;
  • More emphasis on our customers, including a redesigned Customers section with updated story pages featuring existing customers and our latest customer wins. In addition, there are now references to customer stories spread across the website to better inform readers of the value we provide in real-life situations;
  • Reflecting Openbravo’s growing presence in the Middle East, the website is now available in Arabic as well as English, Chinese, French and Spanish.

We encourage you to visit the website and enjoy the new content, and if you like what you see or want to suggest areas for improvement, why not let us know?

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