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Make In-store Holiday Returns Faster, More Convenient with Mobile POS

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The ability to make the returns process as quick, efficient and easy as possible for consumers is often what separates the top-performing retailers from the less successful ones in the weeks after Christmas. By offering free in-store returns, stores can save on additional shipping costs as well as boost sales and customer satisfaction.

Returns logistics firm, Optoro, estimated that products worth approximately $70 billion are likely to be returned this holiday season, and much of the value of returns is lost as they move through the supply chain. According to UPS, the expense of returns processing ranges from 20-65 percent of the cost of goods sold.

Nearly half of holiday returns will be made between Christmas and the New Year, while the rest will be returned in January. While some people will avoid post-holiday crowds and return items by mail, 90 percent of returns are done in the store, even when the purchases are made online.  In fact,  many consumers would rather return items in person, to avoid the possibility of the item getting lost in the mail or the hassle of packaging things up and bringing them to the right place — or perhaps because they would rather get money back immediately.

Fast In-store Returns Impress Customers

In-store returns are an opportunity to make a positive impression on a customer. Customers value their time, and modern POS solutions allow store assistants to process returns faster and cut down on wait times. While processing in-store returns, retailers also have the chance to cross-sell. that More than half of those who return items in stores will purchase a different item while they are in the store, so providing a great opportunity for cross-selling.

Whether the item was bought online or in the store, removing friction from the returns process offers a significant opportunity to win over customers with their service and gain customer loyalty right up to the very end of their shopping journey.

Frictionless Returns Process with Mobile POS

A retail solution such as Openbravo Commerce Suite will ensure in-store returns are processed as soon as the customer walks in the store, in a way that is fast and convenient.

POS terminals can be easily configured to accept gift cards, store credits, and other payment methods for in-store or Buy Online, Pick-up in Store (BOPIS) orders. The POS terminal can also be configured to process returns, with the option for reimbursement or store credit on the spot.

Retailers can easily define manager controls and routing rules for product types. E-commerce integration allows retailers to access online order information as easily in-store purchases. Once the returned item is identified by ticket or order number, it can be quickly re-introduced into the system, inspected and processed back into the stock room or warehouse.

Retailers have the information they need to quickly determine the most cost-effective option for the returned product, whether it will be remain at the store or sent to distribution center, other stores, third-party sellers, and even philanthropic outlets.

To see an example of what an in-store return scenario looks like using a modern omnichannel POS solution, watch Openbravo’s practical, step-by-step demo, Change the Game in Omnichannel with Openbravo Commerce Cloud.