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In-Store Technology Boosts Confidence For Shoppers and Makes Them Return

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What makes customers want to visit your stores? A compelling product range? Competitive prices? Superior customer service? All these things are important, of course, but in today’s digital era, many customers expect retailers to be using the latest technologies to enhance the in-store experience.

Stores that have invested in in-store technologies are better positioned to create a positive and lasting impression on customers – assuning that the technology works well, of course!  That’s one of the findings of The Digital Forward Customer Experience report by Boomtown, which says:

 “When in-store technology functions well, it can form a strong cornerstone for customer retention.”

Nearly half (46%) of shoppers say that interactions with functioning in-store technology increases their confidence in a brand, and a positive experience can also lead to:

  • More frequent visits to the business (44%);
  • More recommendations to others (43%); and
  • More frequent purchases (41%).

A new generation of “digital forward” brick-and-mortar retailers are investing in advanced yet intuitive technologies to enhance the on-premise customer experience. This raises the bar for other retailers who risk losing business if their in-store systems are outdated, slow or simply don’t work well.

Technology malfunctions detract

According to the report, more than half of respondents (57%) have experienced slow or malfunctioning  electronic payment systems while shopping or dining.  Around a third have encountered faulty or unavailable WiFi while other common complaints concerned incorrect inventory information online (36%), ineffective customer  support calls (37%) and malfunctioning self-service kiosks (31%).

What should a retailer do if it wishes to take a more digital-forward approach to serving their customers? Boomtown offers three key pieces of advice:

Invest In The Consumer Experience – Take the time to explore and assess your current systems, vendors, technological solutions and processes.  Choose the right suite of solutions and providers – and ensure they work seamlessly together;

Ensure Consistent and Reliable Technological Support – Just one technology failure can have an immediate and negative effect on your bottom line, so it is important that the technological solutions you choose are backed by a vendor that can offer the support you need to ensure your systems always function effectively;

Continually Monitor The System – As technology improves, your competitors will introduct newer and better offerings. That raises the bar for all retailers and means you cannot let down your guard as you are in a never-ending battle for customers – the ones you already have and the new buyers you need to attract.

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