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Golf Shoe Retailer Achieves Omnichannel Success with Openbravo

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In just a few short years, Patadon has grown into Spain’s largest supplier of golf shoes through its online store as well as outlets operating on-site 30 golf courses in Spain. And one of the key elements to the company’s success was adopting a software solution that could truly support an omnichannel business model.

The idea behind Patadon began when Ivan Llonch, the founder and CEO, realized that an omnichannel business model could help them sell golf shoes in a way that would be better for both the business as well as for the customer. “We wanted be part of the change that is happening today in retail,” says Llonch.  “When you are part of the change, the path is yet to be created, and Openbravo has allowed us to create our own path.”

Why modularity is the first step

The Openbravo Commerce solution is at the heart of the business. The back office is used for management, inventory and metrics, while the POS are fully integrated into the main system and used in the stores.

“We analyzed other options, but one of the reasons we chose Openbravo because it was an open solution that could be adapted to a company of any size,” says Llonch. This means the company can add new stores more easily and with minimal IT investment and time required.

What retailers need to be truly omnichannel

To make a purchase journey seamless across channels, retailers must be able to access a clear view of inventory online, and stores should be used to let customers try out products and give them expert advice to fit their needs. The option to Click & Collect, and easily return or exchange items ordered online or bought at another store should be hassle-free for customers and retailers alike.

“Openbravo allows us to be integrated with all the sales channels,” says Llonch, which is essential for carrying out these omnichannel scenarios efficiently.

Openbravo’s built-in connector to Magento allowed the company to manage the eCommerce portal and integrate with Amazon from a single point.  Integration with logistics operators further reduced costs, while Openbravo’s retail-friendly inventory management functionalities reduced the stock needed at each point of sale.

Patadon also gained more control over distribution, not just the retail side of things. “Retail distribution today is much more technological and much more focused on data, and for that, you need a powerful tool that allows you to manage all that information,” explains Llonch.

Integration leads to success

Llonch’s forward-thinking vision proved to have merit and within the first year the company increased sales of golf shoes by 2.5 times. Thanks to Openbravo, Patadon was able to adapt the solution and execute their new business model. The company was able to handle a larger volume of daily orders more efficiently, reduce logistical costs, and optimize inventory across channels.

“I would recommend Openbravo to any business that has retail operations anywhere in the chain, from retailer to distributor, wholesaler, or manufacturer,” says Llonch.

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