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Five Key Capabilities your Next POS Must Have for Omnichannel Success

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Is your current POS system pulling its weight? With customers expectations higher than ever, your POS system needs to work much harder, whether its handling transactions, empowering your associates to do their job better or supporting new omnichannel scenarios.

But according to a RIS report, 43% of retailers say their POS does not meet their essential needs for the next two or  three years.

Some retailers are still running  decade-old legacy applications that have long outlived their ability to keep up with modern changes, which puts puts them at a big disadvantage when trying to adapt to today’s fast-moving retail scene and embrace omnichannel retailing.

Key capabilities of a modern POS solution
Key capabilities of a modern POS solution

As well as handling customer transactions, the POS system today has to integrate with many other functions of a retail business, such as eCommerce, inventory management, pricing and promotions, and so on. And that is something your existing POS system may not do well.

So what should you look for when looking to buy  new POS solution? We at Openbravo put the emphasis on these five key capabilities:

  •  With a Mobile POS, your associates can sell on the go, get closer to the customer and provide a faster checkout experience;
  • Real-time inventory visibility is essential today if you don’t want your customers to leave stores emptyhanded yet, according to the Gartner Group.  only 31% of retailers have up-to-date technology in place to give them real-time inventory visibility;
  • You need to be able to support for a variety of omnichannel scenarios such as Bopis as more customers expect them.This capability goes hand in hand with inventory visibility, because in an era when customer journeys are fragmented across different channels and the path to purchase may take a few minutes or many weeks, you need an accurate and complete view of your inventory;
  •  CRM &  Clienteling features are essential if you want to maximize the opportunity to increase basket size when your associate is in front of a customr,so yo need a  POS that easily supports upselling and cross-selling;
  • And finally, you need a flexible and cloud-based platform, as thaty means greater agility and lower IT costs.

To find out how Openbravo’s cloud-based mobile POS  solution ticks all the boxes for omnichannel retail, watch  on-demand webinar, “How to choose your next POS for omnichannel success or take a Product Tour today.

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