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Higher business agility and operational control boosts business performance

"Openbravo's scalability has allowed us to adapt to an ever-evolving marketplace."

Jyotish H. Chugani, CTO
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Company Name
Shine Star
Product Line
Other Specialty

Specialty wholesaler in video games, consoles and accessories

Founded in 1991, Shine Star is a distribution company dedicated to the commercialization of consoles, video games and accessories from major brand names. A leader in the Spanish wholesale market, Shine Star specializes in products for family businesses, buying groups, and appliance store chains.

The Challenges


Improving operational and cost optimization, performance and customer experience

Shine Star wanted to integrate its online and its brick-and-mortar stores, provide better visibility into the performance of all internal departments, and ultimately gain business intelligence and control in the face of changes and anticipated growth.

They needed reliable IT support and round-the-clock maintenance to ensure optimal performance and business continuity over time.

Openbravo Customer Story - Shine Star - Challenges

The Solution


Streamlined business, finance, and logistical processing at a competitive cost

The Openbravo solution was adapted to meet the needs of the company and at a competitive cost. The new solution integrated information from all the departments and allowed to automate commercial, financial and logistical processes.

The solution included the development of an EDI module for communication with large clients, as well as the integration of the electronic commerce platform.

Openbravo Customer Story - Shine Star - Solution

"Integration with a custom-built e-commerce platform, personalised data management, and external reporting have all been made possible thanks to Openbravo's intrinsic flexibility."

Jyotish H. Chugani, CTO

The Results


Increased capacity and efficiency of order management

The integration of all its processes enabled Shine Star to increase operational efficiency in all its departments and its capacity to serve larger customers and a larger number of orders.

The solution also allowed the company to acquire detailed and real-time visibility of its stock levels, finally allowing a more rigorous cost control.

Shine Star achieved greater agility in the management of new products and pricing and discounts, and combined with the accuracy and consistency of having centralized data, it was able to reduce the product launch time throughout the different channels.

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