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Openbravo Strengthens its Cloud Offering with Supply Chain Management for Specialty Retailers

12 Jul 2017

Openbravo, a global retail management solution vendor, has expanded its cloud offering for specialized retailers by incorporating new, mobile-enabled capabilities for advanced supply chain management.

With these enhancements, Openbravo further improves the value proposition of its flagship Commerce Suite solution for specialized retailers, particularly those with a sizable network of physical establishments, and perhaps also an online sales channel, which demand more complex supply chain management capabilities. This enhanced solution also makes the most of the benefits of mobile and cloud technologies, thus improving all retail operations.

According to Marco de Vries, CEO of Openbravo, "Supply chain management is now, more than ever, a fundamental strategic function for retailers. For this reason, we have expanded and enhanced the Commerce Suite capabilities to enable retailers to effectively manage the supply chain using a single, mobile solution in the Cloud".

The new capabilities include improvements in usability and functionality when using mobile devices. New capabilities in demand forecasting, inventory planning, advanced warehouse management and distribution have been added to complement the applications already available in areas such as inventory management, purchasing and manufacturing, so offering retailers a complete suite for the management of their supply chain in the cloud.

According to Maarten Tromp, Director of Product Management for the company, "Omnichannel is a goal for many retail companies nowadays, but it is not possible to achieve without advanced supply chain management. A partner like Openbravo can help retailers meet this challenge with a functionally-rich solution that stands out from others in the market".

Commerce Suite now incorporates a set of pre-configured cloud infrastructure packages, and more advanced options for multi-server and high-availability scenarios that provide greater degrees of flexibility.

In summary, Openbravo has significantly improved and expanded the functional capabilities of its offering, so reinforcing its position as reference solution for retailers. With this evolution, the company aims to further strengthen its global expansion, which already sees Openbravo present in markets such as France, India and Mexico, and the Spanish market in particular. The Openbravo Commerce Suite is already trusted by international companies such as Decathlon India as well as Spanish companies including Depique, Patadon, Deporvillage, Bassols, Ranking or Sivasdescalzo.

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