Restaurants embrace POS technology to better serve customers’ needs

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From quinoa to Korean tacos, restaurant customers are not only getting savvier about the quality and creativity of their food, but also changing the way they view their dining experience. Customers can be engaged in more ways than ever before with online reservations, home delivery platforms, table-side ordering and payments, and even loyalty rewards programs.

To gain a competitive advantage, restaurants are increasingly turning to technology in order to enhance customer service, streamline operations, boost sales and reduce costs. Tablet-based and cloud-ready POS terminals using a centralized technology platform allows businesses to streamline the dining experience and their business operations while capitalizing on their diners’ growing acceptance of mobile integration.

Good Table(side) Manners

Servers can place orders tableside with mobile devices, reducing errors and reaching the kitchen faster and more efficiently. An integrated POS system can help the kitchen execute their orders in an orderly fashion, whether the orders come in online or in the restaurant.

It is also faster and more convenient if servers can use tablets or other mobile devices to process payments tableside. Spending less time taking orders effectively frees up restaurant staff to focus on giving better customer service, which in turn increases repeat business. Today’s restaurant POS solutions provide easy-to-use options such as split checks, different payment methods, and loyalty rewards or gift cards at the click of a button.

Taking cues from other retail sectors, many restaurants are taking advantage of app-based loyalty programs to engage even further with customers. Customers want to be interested in your restaurant, and loyalty programs give them an extra incentive to keep coming back.

A Clean Kitchen

Cloud-based POS systems can be accessed from anywhere there is internet access and across any device, so restaurant operators can keep a closer eye on their businesses no matter where they are. Modern software solutions allow restaurant managers to keep track of the ingredients used and set automated inventory alerts so that ingredients are ordered before they run out. In addition to managing staff, trainings, and daily operations, analytics modules allow you to view and manage sales and inventory data on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis as well as across locations.

Smart Growth

Cloud-based software is one of the fastest growing restaurant POS trends due to its cost-effectiveness, as well as the rapid pace at which it can be deployed. This is especially useful for restaurants rolling out new franchises, which can benefit from considerable savings on initial IT investment and maintenance costs because new restaurants can be set up and integrated into the business within hours, instead of weeks. Restaurant managers can easily roll out updates, such as menu changes, inventory adjustments and promotions, across all locations, or just a few, when needed.

Restaurants that are prepared to embrace these new technology trends quickly will be able to meet expectations for a more personalized dining experience as well as laying down a strong foundation for the future growth and competitiveness of their business.

Openbravo is proud to announce the release of its cloud-ready POS technology specifically designed for Restaurants, built on the same robust model as its retail-specific Openbravo Commerce Suite. For more information, please watch our new webinar How to Improve Management of your Restaurant Chain with Openbravo  on Tuesday, June 13th.

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