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Openbravo unveils POS for quick service restaurants at Resto’Days

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A trip to Deauville is always welcome. Especially when it is to present our new POS system for quick service restaurant (QSR) and fast casual chains at the Resto’Days event, which took place on June 14-15, 2022. It was a pleasure to attend the event as part of the Openbravo team and we took the opportunity to meet important players in the French restaurant industry.

Europe shows great potential for Casual Dining, where consumers are often in a hurry but looking for new dining experiences. Technology is playing a key role in reshaping the customer experience in this sector, particularly in areas such as personalizing orders, collecting customer data, supporting contactless payments and building loyalty through special offers and promotions.

These are all areas where Openbravo has put a lot of thought into developing features that help make restaurants more eficient and the dining experience more enjoyable, as you can see in the video at the top of this post.

Presenting our POS for quick service restaurant chains for the first time officially in Deauville was a great experience, and through the interest shown by a large number of chains, we were able to confirm without any doubt the opportunity that exists. Based on this response, I am confident that Openbravo can soon become a reference software vendor in this sector, just as we already are in retail.


For more information on the new Openbravo POS for quick service restaurants, please visit our dedicated webpage.

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