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Openbravo helps Home Decor Brand Solve Business Integration Challenges

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Spanish textile brand Bassols has a unique heritage that goes back two centuries and is possibly the oldest surviving textile company in the world. But it faced a problem common to a lot of long-established companies, namely it had disparate IT systems that were not designed to talk to each other and that was hindering growth.

Bassols  could see the duplications, downtime, and synchronization errors were slowing down its business. The company has evolved considerably over the recent decades and expanded from specialty linen manufacturing to become a much more fashion and marketing-driven textile brand.

Need for greater business agility

The company recognized it needed a more agile way to introduce products, particularly when creating new collections or selling to the hospitality industry, and a more efficient way to manage its suppliers.

As the business grew, so did its need for system integration.

Bassols realized they could resolve many of their issues by integrating their customer and sales databases, activities and eCommerce platforms into a single system.

Openbravo offers off-the-shelf integration with leading e-commerce platforms, which makes it easy for retailers to integrate product and customer data, orders and delivery information across all channels.

In the case of Bassols, the company wanted to integrate with the Magento eCommerce platform, which powers its online sales, as well as with the Rakuten online marketplace and the systems of  external logistics operators.

What were the benefits of system integration?

“Thanks to Openbravo, we have simplified our processes, improved our response times, and are now prepared to address the new growth and internationalization projects we have planned,” says Manolo Castillo, Director of Processes and Systems for Bassols.

Many Openbravo clients are surprised to discover how quickly their seemingly complex integration challenges can be resolved. In just four months, Bassols was able to integrate online and offline store operations into a single, centrally-managed system.

From the launch of new products to managing customers, orders, shipments, invoicing, sales and stock, real-time visibility of inventory and integrated order management made it possible for Bassols to respond more effectively and cut down its delivery times.

To learn more about the Bassols retail solution, you can read the Customer Story. If you want to see a demonstration of the Openbravo Commerce Suite integration with Magento, please watch our webinar and demo, How e-Commerce Integration Transforms in-Store Retailing.


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