Fashion customers seek experiences that excite them

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Emotions influence many purchasing decisions, but in the case of fashion they play a dominant role. Unlike a TV, a sofa or a set of towels, which fill a specific need, no one owns a single T-shirt or pair of pants. Not to mention seasons and trends, which change almost as fast as consumer habits.

A garment satisfies many needs beyond its purely physiological function, and 80% of purchase decisions are pure emotion while only 20% respond to a rational impulse.

The secret is that fashion retailers have a competitive advantage over other sectors: the emotions they can arouse in customers with their garments as there is no doubt that fashion accompanies us in the most important moments. Who does not have a lucky shirt or an outfit for special occasions?

Faced with increased competition and a more rational and informed customer, fashion retailers need to reconnect with the emotions of their consumers to continue to attract them to their stores, and the best way to do this is through experience.

Getting closer to the customer

How do you design an experience that makes customers fall in love? By getting closer to customers to make them feel unique. By getting to know them well, you can fine-tune the design of collections and improve all the decisions that happen from fitting rooms inwards, such as sourcing and product distribution.

Better forecasting will take stress out of the supply chain and, by knowing where to offer each type of garment, you will ensure that customers who enter your store leave satisfied and excited after making their purchase.

Another weapon to give emotion to the experience is to find the right balance between technology and the human touch. That touch of warmth that brings the staff in the store enhanced with all the information that technology can give you to know your customers better.

That will give you the keys to know how and when to address each customer. If you treat them all the same you will lose great opportunities, if they connect with you they will remember you and will consider your products for the next season.

Nor should you treat all your products equally. Thanks to the information you can extract and analyze from all your sales channels, you will be able to build a solid pricing architecture that will allow you to increase your average basket. Sometimes it’s not so much what the unit price is, but what the outcome of the mix is.

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