Smarter Warehouse Management with New Openbravo AWO Module

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The wait is finally over and Openbravo is delighted to announce that the Openbravo Advanced Warehouse and Inventory Management (AWO) module  is now commercially available.

In an era marked by intense competition and  disruption of existing retail business models, it is more important than ever for organizations with retail operations to get a grip on their downstream supply chain.

That is why we developed AWO. It empowers your business  to pursue operational excellence in all warehouse-related activities, optimize working capital and achieve omnichannel success.

Put simply, AWO allows you to optimize everything related to your warehouse operations: stock levels, staff utilization, and physical space.

Stock optimization

Ensuring you hold the optimum levels of stock in your warehouses is a notoriously difficult challenge. Openbravo AWO takes the hard work and the guesswork  out of warehouse inventory  management by providing real-time, accurate stock data and enabling the efficient and effective execution of inventory management activities on  mobile devices.

Staff Optimization

Even if you have gone some way to automate your warehouse operations, your warehouse staff probably waste significant time performing tasks because the warehouse is badly organized. AWO helps you maximize staff productivity with intelligent tasks management that can be executed from mobile devices.

Space Optimization

Warehouse managers are often challenged to to make better use of the physical spce in their warehouse. AWO helps you make better use of the physical space to reduce costs and achieve greater execution efficiency of all your warehouse activities.

How does AWO  Work?

AWO includes a broad set of capabilities for the more efficient management of warehouse and inventory operations. For example, it determines the most appropriate stock to be picked according to pre-configured rules or algorithms, and it facilitates the more agile execution  of tasks using mobile devices.

More information on AWO capabilities can be found here.

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