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4 reasons to choose Openbravo Commerce Cloud for your move to the Cloud  

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Openbravo Commerce Cloud offers  four big benefits for specialty retailers moving to the  Cloud. Together, these benefits constitute a  powerful and, in our opinion,  unique value proposition.

Strong Retail Functionality to Manage your Business in the Cloud

First, the Openbravo Commerce Cloud provides comprehensive support for the full range of retail operations,  from Customer Management to Operations and Financial Management, including capabilities that help support your omnichannel strategies. The areas covered include:

  • Simplified multi-store retail organizational setup with the creation of new stores and terminals in seconds
  • Agile merchandising management with rapid update of products, prices, and promotions across physical stores
  • Real-time inventory and supply chain management
  • Advanced forecasting and inventory planning
  • Omnichannel support
  • Integrated financial management

A Future-proof Commerce Technology Platform

Secondly, by adopting Openbravo, specialty retailers will gain access to a flexible technology platform providing the core set of technologies that allow Openbravo to be extended to fit your business needs or to develop completely new, differentiated and innovative enterprise solutions. That mean you can:

  • Do more, faster and with lower risk within a truly modular architecture
  • Integrate and connect everything, faster
  • Uninterrupted store sales and performance assurance with different deployments adapted to each store need
  • Scale up securely and achieve higher business agility with Mobility and Cloud

A Fully Tailored, Highly Secure, Reliable and Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

Openbravo Commerce Cloud provides a fully tailored, highly secure, reliable and scalable Cloud infrastructure supported by best-in-class services provided by Openbravo and Amazon Web Services. So you will gain:

  • Maximum flexibility with a dedicated production instance in Amazon Web Services
  • Assured Cloud reliability with a strong disaster recovery approach
  • Cloud security you can trust
  • Guaranteed future growth support and Cloud innovations

Differentiated and Cost-Effective Pricing

Finally,  Openbravo Commerce Cloud offers a clearer and cost-effective pricing scheme for your new Retail solution in the Cloud. The key characteristics are:

  • A clear pricing model based on software costs and Cloud infrastructure costs
  • Software pricing is based on concurrent users (named users is the norm) and POS terminals
  • Cloud infrastructure pricing based on total consumed Amazon Web Services Cloud resources, fully tailored to customer needs

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