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Achieve Rapid Implementation and Faster ROI for Leading-edge Openbravo Software Through our Innovators Program

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One of the strengths that sets Openbravo apart from other vendors is our strong collaborative work style in client engagements through our Leadership Programs.

The Leadership Programs allow companies to stay ahead of competitors and obtain exclusive benefits through direct access to and communication with the Openbravo Product Development organization.

Our Roadmap Accelerator Program allows companies to actively influence the Openbravo Roadmap. Some of our existing customers have already benefited from this program and have played a key role in helping shape our product strategy through this initiative.

The Innovators Program helps companies to obtain a quicker implementation and faster ROI for leading-edge Openbravo software.

This is accomplished by giving interested companies, which we call Innovators, preferential access to Quality Assurance Approved (QAA) releases of new software. QAA releases have passed automated tests, all fixed issues have been individually verified and the QA team has completed a set of manual tests to identify further improvement.

When a release reaches the QAA stage, it is not yet available to the wider audience, but it can already be used for production purposes for those who have a particular interest, and Openbravo explicitly ensures its full alignment with the end client.

As part of the Innovators Program, interested partners  will receive support in the update process of a customer’s production environment to the current QA Approved release.


Benefits of the Innovators Program for Our Customers

  • You gain earlier access to functionalities normally available via Confirmed Stable releases.
  • A full system audit is performed by our team, with the objective of recommending stack or configuration fine-tuning that will improve performance.

Benefits for Openbravo Partners

  • Direct implementation assessment from the Openbravo Product organization.
  • Project monitoring and premium support, by prioritizing any issues that may exist with the update to ensure quick reaction time.
  • Early training and information sharing on the latest features.

Benefits for Openbravo

  • By involving real users in the process, the Innovators program offers an excellent way to give users access to a recently developed release, and so provide Openbravo with early feedback about the experience.
  • All the feedback provided by the Partner and the customer will contribute to a better Confirmed Stable release and to better following QA Approved releases.


Your Questions Answered

Do we have to go directly to Production update?

Of course not. Pre-production update is considered part of the Production environment update process so it is expected (and recommended) to first update a Pre-production before the real Production environment.

What is the schedule of a typical program?

About one month. The program starts each quarter on the third week of Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct just after a new release has moved from QA status and passed the stability tests.

Is there any permanency period?

The call for Innovators is made once per quarter. Any partner/customer can join for a given release and decide not to participate for the following ones.

How do we participate?

Participation call process is launched every quarter, once a release has begun its QA cycle (Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct). Given the limited capacity of the team, not all customers can become Innovators. Once we achieve a maximum number of participants, participation may close, so the sooner you can tell us we can count on you, the more secure your place will be.

How do we sign up for the program?

Openbravo Partners: You may want to first check program availability by email at Once you get a confirmation, just by updating a Customer’s Production environment to the latest QA Approved release within the program’s time frame you will be participating.

End customers: You should ask your Openbravo Partner to check current availability if you wish to participate in the program.

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