Deploy and change faster

Achieve speed and efficiency when making changes to existing processes or launching entirely new features with Openbravo's modularity.

Extend, don’t personalize

Modularity changes the way Openbravo can adapt to specific needs. Instead of modifying the standard code, it is possible to extend existing functions externally (from a separate module) and configure them to offer more flexibility and thus greatly simplify the way of adapting the system to the needs of the business.

What is a module?

A module is a piece of additional functionality that can be optionally and independently implemented on top of the standard Openbravo functionality.
Image module

Faster and safer changes and updates

Developing by modules means packaging independently. If the dependencies of the modules are well defined, updating or upgrading an instance with new versions of modules or new functions offered by Openbravo is a quick and easy process.

Development distributed more efficiently

The development team working on creating a module can work independently of other teams. They only need a stable API from the other modules they use, and the lifecycle of this module (including releases) is independent from other modules, which provides a solid foundation for a high-quality output.

Greater efficiency by sharing functionality

Module-based development greatly simplifies sharing new features with other people. If developers want to exchange their modules, they just have to package and publish their module in the central Openbravo repository. These modules will then be available for installation through a simple process.
Image module

Faster and easier integrations

Modularity facilitates the construction of connectors with external systems, such as ERP solutions, eCommerce platforms or payment gateways, making use of the Openbravo standard commerce API.
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