POS software for restaurants

Boost restaurant service and sales

Deliver excellent service, increase in-store sales and give consumers the flexibility they demand to keep them coming back.

Provide a great, personalized dining experience for your guests

Serve guests faster and shorten wait times with a simplified and powerful mobile user interface that gives you the freedom to use the devices of your choice.
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Manage tables and reservations more efficiently

  • Manage table reservations
  • Check table size
  • Join one or more tables in one ticket
  • Gain detailed table information, such as assigned waiter, number of people or number of ordered items
  • Keep a table reserved even after payment was made
  • Manage different order types: restaurant, bar or take away

Offer more personalization

  • Enable product customization at POS including optional or mandatory elements
  • Configure free or extra-cost options
  • Add order notes
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Gain order entry flexibility

  • Customize layout with fast browse by menu categories that can be enabled or disabled as per product availability
  • Add new lines at any time until the ticket is paid
  • Allow tickets to be managed by different waiters
  • Setup combos for faster order entry including a combination of different products (e.g.: menus in quick service restaurants)
  • Offer flexible payment options including ticket split and combination of multiple payment methods in one ticket

Simplify kitchen management

Easily communicate complete orders or single items from the guest to the kitchen in a single step.
  • Simplify kitchen operation with just one printer
  • Set order destination, either bar or kitchen
  • Send one or more lines or the complete ticket for preparation
  • Gain visibility of preparation status at line level
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