Central retail back office

Gain centralized and real-time omnichannel management

Be in control of your omnichannel operations

Openbravo Commerce Central is a comprehensive central retail back office providing retailers with complete and real-time visibility into their omnichannel operations. Manage products, prices, offers, sales and inventory across channels and locations from one single point.
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Manage all your sales channels

Easily set up channels and touchpoints, including the online store, kiosks, POS terminals and self-checkout (SCO) terminals.

Gain a single view of customers

Access detailed and centralized customer data enabling more personalization and better clienteling in your stores.

Bring all the sales data together

Analyze the performance of products, stores and associates better with complete visibility of your sales across channels.

Gain discounting flexibility

Target your customers better with a flexible and function-rich discounting engine.

Simplify accounting integration

Leverage flexible setup options that ensure tight controls over every facet of accounting.

Accelerate end-user adoption

Boost employee productivity and collaboration with a modern and intuitive web user interface.
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Easily manage your different retail channels

Easily set up your various online and offline channels and touchpoints. Streamline the process of creating new physical stores and gain complete visibility of your sales across channels from one single point.
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Move up to the customer level

Openbravo Commerce Central enables retailers to gain a single, centralized view of customers data and activity across channels. Leveraging personal data, preferences and order history empowers associates to deliver better service and more personalization. At the point of sale, this information enables better clienteling. Flexible point-based retail loyalty programs allow retailers to reward customers and encourage return visits.

Launch new products faster and gain promotional flexibility

Customers today demand a wider choice and more options, obliging retailers to accelerate their go-to-market process.


Openbravo Commerce Central offers them comprehensive retail merchandising functionality to manage their offering across channels. New products, promotions and services can be moved to all stores in almost real-time.


Its powerful and flexible discounting engine supports a broad variety of discount types. Discount priorities and sophisticated application criteria help achieve greater discounting flexibility and target customers more efficiently.

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Manage inventory better

Omnichannel is no longer optional, so retailers must ensure they have accurate and agile stock control. Real-time inventory visibility becomes mandatory if retailers want to provide better service, and optimize spending and order fulfillment costs.


Openbravo Commerce Central supports  a retailer’s inventory operations required for efficient stock control. The built-in procurement functionality lets them control purchasing and simplifies management of returns to suppliers.


Retailers requiring more advanced inventory and warehouse management functionality, such as smart inventory tasks management from mobile devices can also opt for Openbravo WMS.

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