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Pre-configured, ready-to-go solution to make your business omnichannel ready in a matter of weeks

The Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub is a pre-configured ready-to-go solution that combines the power of the Openbravo and Adyen platforms to provide comprehensive, out-of-the-box support for key omnichannel, store and inventory scenarios.
It has been designed for specialty retailers that sell both online and offline and typically have a chain of 20 physical stores or more selling product categories such as fashion, sporting goods, furniture and decoration, electronics or food & beverage. It allows retailers to rapidly start managing uncertainty around consumer habits and other challenges caused by the new reality thanks to:
Its support for a variety of omnichannel scenarios such as BOPIS and others;
The possibility to transform stores into fulfillment centers and rapidly implement new contact-less scenarios, while avoiding the need for in-store server hardware;
The option of a super-fast implementation in just a matter of weeks;
A flexible, pay-per-use pricing model that optimizes overall costs.


Contact us today to know more about the Openbravo Unified Commerce Hub and how Openbravo and Adyen can help your retail business adapt better and faster to the new reality.