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Why ERP is not the Best Choice for a Retail or Restaurant Business

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NOTE: As Openbravo no longer offers an ERP solution, this article has been updated and a previous discussion of criteria for selecting an ERP has been removed.  But don’t go just yet. Please read on!

So, you’re in the market for a new ERP system.  But If you run a retail or restaurant business, we ask you to reconsider as maybe an ERP system is not the best choice.

Implementing a new ERP solution is a complex process that will require an initial investment, external expert help from an implementer, and a project that will take several months of work to fully complete the system configuration and customization according to business requirements.

In addition, the new ERP software will also have a big impact on the organization, as users will have to learn how to use it to be productive.

But perhaps the biggest weakness with horizontal ERP solutions is that they are poorly suited to the specialized needs of retailers and restaurants today.

That was the conclusion that Openbravo came to a few years ago, based on discussions with our customers in the retail sector. They told us they needed greater business agility and advanced retail-specific capabilities that could boost  efficiency and transform their point-of-sale and store operations for a customer-centric world.

They wanted  end-to-end integration of business processes in areas such as order management,   inventory management,  merchandising, warehousing and logistics, demand forecasting, and unified commerce.

Cloud-based commerce platform

And they  were looking for the functionalities to be delivered on a  flexible and scalable platform, one that is designed for today’s mobile-first world and can be deployed rapidly in the cloud, allowing them to hit the ground running with the minimum of downtime and business disruption.

Recognizing that there was an untapped demand for a modern retail platform that ticked all these boxes, Openbravo decided to build one,  leveraging its heritage in the open source ERP world and its sector-specific experience of retailing.

Today, Openbravo  has successfully completed its transformation from being a horizontal ERP solution vendor for small to midsize companies into a leading cloud-based omnichannel platform vendor for midsize to large retail and restaurant chains.

In short, Openbravo believes that an ERP system is not a good choice for most retail and restaurant businesses today.

So, if you are still looking for a single solution to support your  entire business, including core corporate processes like accounting, finance, HR and  manufacturing,  then we’re sorry to say we won’t be able to help. Nevertheless, Openbravo does seamlessly integrate with complementary  business software including ERP solutions – we have a certified integration with SAP, for example.  Please see our integrations page for more.

If you interested to find out more about how Openbravo can help your retail or restaurant business,  we invite you take our Free Product Tour  or contact us directly.