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Top Webinars and Blogposts of 2018

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Change is rarely easy to embrace, but the developments of the past 12 months have seen the pace of technological innovation and business transformation in retailing quicken considerably.

To help you steer a course through the turbulent waters of modern retailing, in this blogpost we want to highlight some of the key industry trends and developments as decided by you, based on attendance at Openbravo webinars and page views of our blog posts in the past 12 months.

Top Webinars of 2018

Top Four Inventory Management Best Practices for Omnichannel Retailing

Better inventory management should be a top priority today because of the big impact it has on costs and influencing overall customer experience. By eliminating manual processes and implementing demand forecasting, you can plan and optimize inventory levels, avoid errors and reduce costs.

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Omnichannel leader or laggard? What’s your choice as a fashion retailer?

We explain how Openbravo Commerce Cloud lets you truly embrace omnichannel retailing by enabling centralized management of all customers, channels and inventory to deliver the promise of a seamless shopping experience.

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Ready for the Omnichannel Challenge in Consumer Electronics Retailing?

We will review in this webinar the main challenges facing electronics retailers today, such as the fast-changing purchasing habits of omnichannel shoppers, greater assortment complexity, and the growing competition from online players.

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Transforming the store and customer experience for an omnichannel world

In an omnichannel era, shopping journeys are more complex, better informed and more fragmented, yet many physical retailers have not adapted their strategies reflect to this new reality. Openbravo CEO Marco de Vries explains how compete against online pure-plays by creating richer, more personalized experiences.

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Seize the opportunity: move your retail business to Openbravo Cloud

The webinar looks at the benefits of Openbravo Cloud in terms of ease-of-use, scalability, security and guaranteed service levels. We explain how Openbravo Cloud leverages the strengths of world-class cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web Services.

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Top Blogposts of 2018

10 Reasons Retail Businesses should move to the Cloud

Retailers need to become more agile, yet many are hindered by legacy in-house IT systems that are difficult to integrate with new technologies and are costly to run. Read the blog post to find out how Cloud computing offers a way for retailers to gain greater agility and compete better.

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Fashion Retailing In an Era of Customization and Personalization

Personalization of the shopping experience allows fashion retailers to get closer to the consumers in an era when customer journeys are fragmented across different channels and the path to purchase may take a few minutes or many weeks. Hear from Openbravo CEO Marco de Vries about personalization, customization and other trends in fashion retailing in this blog post.

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How Shopping Malls are not Just Surviving but Thriving in a Digital Age

The current digital transformation creates a golden opportunity for shopping malls to reinvent themselves and become more relevant to today’s consumers. It is the age to create the perfect physical presence and then drive traffic through digital technologies. Read the blog post to discover more on this topic.

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Happy Holidays and all the best to you in the year to come!